Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is ‘Triangle”.  I used this archive shot of a bridge on the highway leading out of the city.

23 sept 23 triangle

And today’s 365 Days in Nature shot, and staying in the “Lines” weekly theme, I posted this picture from April.  It is the BACK of a peacock.  There are many lines.  :)

23 september 23 of 365 lines

I don’t have too many pictures from the day, but one in particular is pretty special.  Before that, I took this shot of dramatic clouds from our deck this morning….


The quirky neighbor with the toy infested car caught my eye again this morning.  I don’t remember seeing the shiny gold bike before, it must be a new addition.


Spider and Daddy Long Leg season is in full swing…



On the way home from work, snails were out in force due to the day’s rain.  This one was almost ‘gold’.  What a beauty…


Beauty with stripes….


“X” marks the spot…..


Follow the leader…..


Also after work tonight, Dennis and I went and had a glass of wine with Cousin Helen.  Recently, life has got in the way of our regular visits, and we’ve missed her, so it was really good to catch up and have a “Helen hug”.

AND….earlier today my met my new little Buddy!  Many of you know my good friend Melisa was expecting.  Well, meet “Baby I”!


(Not “Baby Eye”, he was FAST asleep for most of our visit and I didn’t actually see his eyes….AWWW!!!!)  Timing is really amazing, this little man was born a couple of hours before my Dad died – on August 20th.  Who could have predicted that Melisa and my lives would both change forever – in very different ways –  within hours of each other.    She and I have a ridiculous amount of parallels and similarities in our lives – we were so meant to be friends!  And isn’t Baby I a cutie???  That hair!!!!!    AWWWW! I’m so excited to watch this little guy grow and develop!

It was great to see Helen, Melisa and Baby I today.

That is all I have to share today.  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!

Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is ‘crisp’….and this is what happens when you crush some crisp autumn leaves in your hand.

22 sep 22 crisp

This is my day’s offering to the 365 Days in Nature group.  This week’s theme is “lines”….

22 sep 22 of 365 lines

I wasn’t able to post last night, I got home from Victoria quite late….here are just a few shots from yesterday I want to share.  This squirrel had his mouth full…awww….


The biggest fungus I’ve seen in a LONG time….it was about “manhole cover” big….


My Mom’s neighbor’s cat “Ollie”.  Such beautiful eyes….


Reflection in a puddle….


And last night’s sunset from the ferry.


On to today.  I walked at lunchtime, and had planned on going to yoga.  Unfortunately, I had to work a bit late, so didn’t get to class on time.  I did walk to the studio after work though, to pay my monthly fee, and to get some activity points.  Come for a walk with me….

Bugs, blooms and leaves that looked pretty in the rain….






And for no apparent reason, there was a fork on a fence.


The rains over the last couple of days has brought out some little mushrooms in our community garden raised bed.


After work, the rain had stopped and the sky was clearing (and the leaves are turning colour in force).


I found a pair of abandoned shoes….hmm….


Timing was everything with this shot…


Poser gull….


Poser duck.


Sleepy duck (with REALLY beautiful feathers)


Pond drama.


A heron in/on a rowboat.  We’ll call him “Gilligan”.  (with and without flash)



I passed by a couple of little snails.  One did walk on my finger, but the pics weren’t that interesting.  :)



Finally, a couple of sunset shots.



Hope the start of everyone’s week has gone well.  And let’s hope this autumn is pretty, crisp and uneventful!!!

Hi from Victoria.  I’m at my Mom’s place helping out for the weekend. Hard to believe it is only a month today since my Dad died.  Time is so strange right now.  Mom and I ran a bunch of errands today, but I took an hour to myself too and had a beach walk.  Here are a few shots from the day, then I’m off….














Have a wonderful rest of the weekend everyone!!!!!

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  ARRR!!!  Did you be talkin’ like pirates???  :)

arr 2

I did FAR less than normal, but still go the odd “arrr” and “yo ho ho” in during the day.  And some of my colleagues were “skallywags”.


It is very late, and I have a VERY early start in the morning to go and spend the weekend with my Mom.  So I’ll just share today and tomorrow’s Photo a Day challenge pics, and the two for the 365 days of nature, and I’ll call it a night.

Today’s theme is “Even”.  I used this picture of this lovely dog, who has an even white/black face.  AWWW!!  ARRR!

19  sep 19 even

My final black and white picture for the nature group this week is this….

19 sep 19 of 365

I took this in Victoria a couple of weeks ago, and love the way the  black and white edit makes the clouds “pop”.

Tomorrow’s prompt is “Beginning”.  I have pre-posted this shot, the beginning of my beans in our community garden….

20 sep 20 beginning

This week’s 365 Days of Nature theme is “lines”.  I like the lines on the underside of this leaf.

20 sep 20 of 365

I will leave you tonight with something to ponder.  Have you even seen a snail in a mirror???


Now you have.  You’re welcome! :)  Will try and check in from my Mom’s place in Victoria.  Have a GREAT weekend all!!!!

…it’s been a funny few days.  Not funny as in laughter, funny in that I’m feeling REALLY out of sorts.  It has been almost a month since my Dad died, and can’t lie, that is on my mind A LOT.  Though I have accepted what has happened to my family, and I think I’m doing pretty well, my emotions are quite the roller coaster.  Things that I expect will “set me off” don’t, and then, grief will come out of nowhere.  I’ll see things that remind me of my Dad, or think “I need to tell Dad that” and then, the sadness kicks in again.   But even before my Dad got sick, I wasn’t really feeling myself.

I feel like I’m almost ‘going through the motions’ of living….I’m in a fog.  Right now, life is nothing more than day to day existence.  I’ve lost interest in meal planning and cooking (something I normally love), I haul myself out and walk and go to yoga, I go to work, I come home, I still get things done, but I feel, for lack of a better word…flat.  (thought safe to say my stomach isn’t flat!  HA!)

I was talking to my cousin Helen about that this afternoon, and she agrees, maybe I’m expecting too much of myself given the last couple of months of my life.  I look forward to feeling like “Roz” again.  I look forward to making plans.  I look forward to reconnecting with our friends, who have been AMAZING, but have understandably taken a back seat to family issues.  (seriously, I have the BEST friends in the world) I look forward to feeling a sense of calm and peace, that seems to have eluded me for a while.  I look forward to being enthusiastic about my blog, and making/sharing recipes and healthy living tips and ideas.  I look forward to REALLY sussing out great photo ops, and sharing them here as well.

I hope all of you bear with me and forgive me if posts lately don’t seem up to snuff.  And know that weightingfor50 will be back bigger and better than ever before….I just need to get my head around life, let myself go through the motions of grieving the loss of my amazing Dad (which just doesn’t seem real – I felt so strong for the first couple of weeks after he died, these last couple of weeks have been a little tougher), and getting back to a place of enthusiasm and interest in most things that I do.   All that will come back, that is my promise to you, my readers and friends!

So enough of the brain dump, I’ll just share pics from the day and move on.

Today’s Photo A Day challenge prompt is “person”.  I love this picture of our good friend Jeff, from my archives.  He’s a wonderful person, and Dennis and I are both so grateful for his friendship.  And he’s quite the wake boarder!  :)

18 sep 18 person jeff

Today’s 365 Days in Nature shot is a black and white twist on a picture of a gull that I took a couple of months ago.  (I have since learned that birds stand on one leg to stay warm.  Who knew?  I did not….)

18 sep 18 365 days in nature

Today, I had a chance to go for a little walk at lunchtime (though work has been pretty busy for the last couple of days).  Boo!  The summer leaves are turning….


…and the ferns are getting ready to seed for next year….


There are still some flowers around though, and they are beautiful.



Some geese have started hanging out at our little community garden.



This pictures almost looks black and white, but it was just a very dull day, and this woman’s pants popped against the grey.


Speaking of “photo popping”, the rain made the web of this spider pop….


When I was out and about, I walked by my “happy place”, the bird pond by our garden…..the gulls were flapping and flying, and the ducks were a little manic.  From what I hear, that is a cleaning/preening behavior of them, and it is hilarious to watch.







No water here, these birds are on a wire…..


I walked by the vet’s who have kitties for adoption.  OMG….sooooooo cute!!!!!!  I have NO doubt these little babies will find forever homes VERY soon!




And finally, given the rain of the day, slugs and my beloved snails were out in force.   I think the slugs are fascinating, but I don’t encourage them onto my hands like I do snails….


No problem coaxing several of them onto my hands.  It was a veritable snail orgy in my palm.  (ahem)



I let them back onto a leaf…..



…and then into a container with a weathered ceramic frog.



And yes, I am aware I am weird because snails lift my spirits.  :)

Thanks for reading my brain dump, thanks for sticking by me, and thanks to you, my blog friends for all the love and support I’ve been given!!!  I hope I can send it back your way sometime soon.  Hugs for all!!!!

9th anniversary to Dennis and I!


(Dennis always gets me a balloon…it’s a tradition)

Before I get into that, today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “key”.  I was entirely UNINSPIRED to take a photo of my house keys, my car key, my office keys or my mailbox and luggage keys….so I pulled this “duplex pic” of Neva playing with the KEYS of my parent’s piano last Christmas.  Total “cheat” but oh well….

neva piano

And it is a very good thing I was inspired to turn a nature photo black and white last night, because today….that was uninspired to do that as well.  Here is my black and white shot posted to the 365 Days in Nature group for the day…..

17 sep nature 365

I did however, rise to a photo challenge today….that involved a small plastic spiderman that is being passed around and photographed….I give you my spidey gallery….




OWCH!  Not a good place for the spider!  :)



Spiderman also came to lunch with my friend JenX and I.  (thanks for EVERYTHING Jen!)


Other photos from today….just a few….

Spiders without Spiderman….these are HUGE!  And quite beautiful.  And EVERYWHERE!



Late season flowers….





And finally, Neva enjoyed the tissue paper that our anniversary gifts for each other were wrapped in.


Speaking of anniversary, dinner has just been delivered, a bottle of wine has been opened, and I’m off to celebrate 9 years of marriage.  Back tomorrow…..

Today’s Photo A Day challenge prompt is “I don’t like…”.  I am trying to find JOY and BEAUTY every day right now, so I used this archive picture of a BAD rainstorm last winter, with backed up gutters that were covered in leaves.   It wasn’t pretty….and I didn’t like driving that night.

16 sep 16 I don't like....

My 365 Days in Nature shot (using the black and white weekly theme) is this favorite heron shot from May…turned black and white.

16 sep 16 365

You know, I wasn’t too sure about the ‘black and white’ theme for the nature group.  To me, nature is colour (and smell and sight).  However, have to admit, many of the shots posted on the site over the last few days are nothing short of GORGEOUS!!!!  Black and white photography can really be lovely.  This one is the first nature shot I posted over the weekend (when I was at my Mom’s place).  The original, and the black and white version.  I was surprised that it was as vibrant as it is….in a non-colourful way.

bw bird collage

Like yesterday, I had a long and busy day at work, so didn’t have a chance to go for a good hour long walk at lunchtime.  BUT…I did take a few shots on a quick walk to an errand….

There were LOTS of “hearts” to be found today.  The shadow of a parking meter….


A car smacked into the side of this driveway in a heart shaped formation….


…a shop sign….


Awww….Peanuts love….


…call me romantic, but I just LOVE this note that was clipped on a bike. (written on a bus ticket)


I hope Adam and Josie get together!!!!

This is a shirt in a store window….I’m not one for printed shirts, but I may even wear this one.


Aww…a new puppy?  I need a new tote!  Just kidding, but nice marketing….


This is today’s artsy fartsy shot….


…and finally, the beautiful sky while I was waiting for Dennis to come and pick me up after I went grocery shopping after work. (isn’t that exciting?????  Not really….)


Tomorrow is a significant day in the land of weightingfor50.  Though I have to admit, with my Dad’s recent passing, significant days are tending to fall onto the back burner and be greeted with much less enthusiasm as they have in the past….  But that said, come back then and celebrate with us!!!

Happy Monday to all.

I’m back home for a few days.  Before I get into today’s photos (there aren’t many), I’ll just share a couple from yesterday.  Here are two deer getting a leg up on a situation.


…and a little spider was “nail art”.


Today, I jumped back into the Photo A Day Challenge.  Today’s prompt is “Remember”.  I posted this, as a reminder for us to stop and smell the roses.

15 sep 15th remember to stop and smell the roses

My 365 days in Nature shot (this week’s theme is “black and white”) is this butterfly on lavender.

365 nature bw sep 15

I don’t have many pics today.  I had a very busy work day today, but took half an hour at lunchtime to walk down to our little community garden plot.  The kohlrabi I am harvesting looks like a carrot, and the carrots that are there look like tiny orange kohlrabi.  sigh.


I walked back via the little bird pond….


…saw other birds on a rail…


LOVE the colours here….


And finally, I worked late tonight, and noticed a very cool orange colour out the big boss’ window.  Everyone was gone, so I could just walk on in and take pictures.  Shhh! :)


That’s the end of Monday.  Time to get to bed and do it all over again tomorrow.  More then…

….makes for a dull blog post.

Today has been anything but dull, my mom and I ran some errands this morning, I mowed her lawns (hello activity points) and did some garden work, did a boatload of housework, but also took an hour to myself to go to the chalk art festival here in town and take a few pictures.   REALLY talented artists!!!!












Beautiful art, that will be washed away with the first rain.  :)

Because they are everywhere, here are a few pictures of deer because they are cute, and literally in the front yard of my parent’s next door neighbors.  AWWW!




We’ll close tonight with a hummingbird….just because.  Another AWWW!


Hope everyone’s weekend is going well!!!

Hi All.  My mom and I have had a very busy day today…..and I will return to normal posts tomorrow.

I WILL share just a few shots from the day…..

My Dad’s favorite animal…NOT!    He may have complained about the deer in the yard, but I do think he thought they were cute.   And they really are!


We were by a “wishing tree” at one point today.  The tree had tons of little “tags” where people write their wishes.  This one caught my eye…and then I realized….angels can fly, but they don’t spell very well.  LOL!



And finally, not to go into details, but today, I have acquired a horrifically awful yet fantastic ceramic dragon in a Rapunzel dress.  You will be seeing more of her very soon…..


Any suggestions what her name should be???  Have a great weekend everyone!

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