Just a quick slice of my day to share.

Can’t lie…I’ve been just a bit out of sorts again today, and my moods have swung from gratitude, to being pissed off, to tearing up at inopportune moments.  sigh.  I think the triple whammy of my Dad’s passing, hormones (sorry guys, probably TMI) and the full-ish moon all played a part…

BUT…that said, the day wasn’t a complete bust, I did have some laughs and I took a few nice pics.

Before that, today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “orange”.  I used this picture that I took on Sunday.  It is a decorative fountain/fire outside of a building at the public market.

09 september 9 orange

And here is my day’s sunrise/sunset shot (it is the week’s theme) on the 365 Days in Nature group.  (from my archives)

9 of 365 sep 9

Here are today’s pics:

The clouds off our deck this morning were pretty….


…its a flower AND a propeller…..


…no propellers here….


Eyes watching me on my walk to work (no need for alarm, sunroof and 2 other windows were open)….


…and reflections in another car…..


I didn’t go for a walk at lunchtime today, because I had an appointment, but on the way back to work I found a little snail buddy….


…and even though I know these aren’t “arms” it reminded me of the “hug it out” stance.  Silly me!


The little neighborhood ginger kitty “Simbad” was out and about tonight….


…and once came and saw me, gave me a headbutt, and had a pat, he jumped back to where he started….  “jump”….


Not to be outdone in cuteness, Neva posed and flirted when I was home….she did not jump.


Dennis flirted and posed in the shadow against our wall too.


I managed to get a decent picture of the moon tonight….


…and then played around with the green level, just to get a funky effect.


I’m now going to hit publish and call it a night.  Tomorrow, I’m sure, will be a brighter day.  Tomorrow is actually my ‘Friday’ this week.  I’m off to Victoria on Thursday to go and hang with my Mom for a few days.  I wonder if she’ll be game to do a shadow profile??  :)

Have a great Wednesday all!!!

Did anyone else feel a bit “edgy” today?  Anyone else a little out of sorts?  I was.  Was it because of the moon?  Dunno….  And this picture doesn’t do it justice, it was HUGE.


Today’s Photo A Day challenge was “Broken”.   When I was out for a walk today, I saw this old broken trolley, with a bonus broken chair in front.

08 september 8 broken

I used an archive shot for my 365 Days in Nature shot.  I wanted to stay with the sunrise/sunset theme, so used this sunrise picture from earlier in the year.

8 of 365

Quick menu rundown, breakfast was Little Big Bread with peanut butter and banana, I had some melon during the morning, lunch was a kale salad with light feta, blueberries, nutritional yeast and sunflower seeds, and I had a hard boiled egg.  Dinner tonight was baked chicken in Asian Sesame dressing, brown rice and steamed green beans.

I had planned on going to yoga after work, but timing didn’t work out so I just walked home the long way to get some activity.  (and I walked at lunchtime too)

So happy to run into my friend Sarah and her baby Emily.  (wouldn’t have happened if I’d gone to yoga)  As you can see, Emily was very intent on showing me her feet.  SO cute!!!


Some of the other shots of the day….

Some of the last of the summer blooms, greens and bugs….






….not sure what this art is going to be.  If anything….  Maybe it is just vandalism.



…two “broken” out takes.  Definitely things that are broken, but they didn’t make the photo a day cut…a broken ladder and a broken circle.



I saw this “love”…


…and this love.  This elderly couple were walking along arm in arm…and it was sweet.  I turned the photo black and white.  Just because….


Lots of birds….





Double stop…


…feeling reflective again….


Spiders and spiderwebs are EVERYWHERE….





Speaking of cats, I stopped by the pet store on the way home for Neva’s supplies, and found they had a new fish tank on display.  These two fish were kinda creepy, and I swear, the second one looks like he is smiling.  Weird.  Albeit beautiful – in a fishy, scaly kind of way.




That’s my silliness for the day.  Hopefully, none of you were too edgy today like I was.  Bring on a calmer day tomorrow!  Do you feel affected by full moons?

I wasn’t sure if I’d be in Vancouver or Victoria today, but it ended up I stayed home.  I’ll be heading to see my Mom in Victoria in a few days.

Speaking of parents, today’s Photo A Day prompt is “Father”. (from what I understand, it is Father’s Day in Australia and New Zealand).  How bittersweet for me, given my Dad has been gone less than 3 weeks.  (hard to believe)   I like this pic of my Dad, he looks happy and healthy here.  It was taken earlier this year.  Love and miss you Dad!!!!

07 sept 7 father

The sunrise/sunset theme continues for the 365 days in nature photo group.  I took this a few days ago.  This summer has really flown by in a blur….and this is me trying to hang on to the last little bit of warm weather and sunsets at the beach.

7 of 365 sunrise sunset

Since it was my first Sunday home in many weeks, we decided to have a nice, cooked Sunday breakfast.  Dennis made coffee, I made scrambled eggs, toast, fruit and a few piece of bacon ends that I got at the deli yesterday.

Later this afternoon I had a 67 calorie beer, some light goat cheese with fresh figs, and some grapes.

Dinner tonight was a green salad (with blueberry, light feta and herb dressing) and whole wheat spaghetti with sauce I made with ground turkey, tons of vegetables and tomato sauce.  We had a glass of red wine with dinner.  And we finished off with a popcicle.

I got a ton of walking in today.  Dennis had some things to do at home, so I ventured out on my own to tidy and clear the little garden plot of the “debris” that has recently died back.  And then I carried on from there to Granville Island public market, and back home.  All in all, I was out and about for almost four hours.  Helloooo activity points!

On the way, I went by a construction site, that had little Tonka trucks around it.  Cute!


The kohlrabi is still growing, so I couldn’t clear that out, and I’m HOPING to get a few more carrots, but the rest is clear and ready for winter crops.


I did harvest the last of our green beans, 1 patty pan squash, a few mini zucchinis, and 3 pathetic carrots…..that really didn’t know what shape to take.



One of our fellow gardeners have HUGE sunflowers in their plot.  I used my hand for scale…


…and my attempt at “artsy fartsy” with sun behind the sunflower.


I don’t remember there being SO many big spiders around last year.  They are EVERYWHERE.  (and yes, the fly in the web is a bit “dark” but fascinating because you can see the eyes through the trap)





On the way to the market I saw some new ‘art’….



…a tired dog (love the back leg)…


…and two ridiculously cute pug cross dogs.  The puppy is only 13 weeks old.  AWWW!



Love the patterns/colour of the unbloomed blossoms….


Local produce is abundant at the market today….




…I also saw this at the cheese vendor.  And because I’m juvenile, I snickered and took the photo…


…the kid’s market had colourful puppets with open mouths….



…and the activity table by the puppets caught my eye.


This flame was nowhere near the children’s market.


Nor was the busker with interesting instruments….


Pigeon art….


..duck wing art….


…and a log rolling seagull.  You think I’m kidding?  Well, yes I am, but when the gull landed on the log, it spun around like a lumberjack’s rolling log.  He took a couple of steps then took off and flew….


I thought the pose of this goose was funny….


…as did this Fridge Festival performer who asked me to take her picture in the same pose.  HI NAOMI!!!!  (carry a camera = meet new people)


Finally, the pirate ship attraction that trolls around the city came right by where I was walking.  There was a whole lotta “arr’ing” and “skally wagging” that ended up with a water fight between the “pirates” on the boat, and the fellow in the little pirate craft.  (all part of the act…)  ARRRR!!!



Was it a sunny Sunday in YOUR neck of the woods?  Anyone do anything fun this weekend?  Your turn to share.  Have a GREAT week ahead all!

This is the first Saturday I’ve been here in Vancouver since July.  I was torn, in a way I was happy to be home, but part of me felt like I should be over with my Mom.  However, that said, she’s well supported and had company for the day, so we both were taken care of.

Before I recap the day, I’ll share today’s Photo A Day and my 365 Days in Nature shots.  The photo a day prompt is “I need…” .  I need sunshine (lots of sunscreen) and fresh air…

06 september 6 i need

This week’s theme for the 365 photos is “sunrise/sunset”.  I’ll have to use archive pics, because there isn’t always a good sunrise/sunset shot to be taken…here is my first upload to the group..

6 of 365 sunrise sunset

I started my day off with a smoothie made with almond milk, banana and frozen strawberries.  My lunch was a turkey sandwich and pickled vegetables, I had some prosciutto and melon this afternoon, and dinner was home made pizza and some wine.

I went to sweaty, Saturday morning power yoga today.  It was really good, I love the class.  (though I got all emotional at the end and was quietly teary during savasana.  sigh.  When my instructor said “trust the process and all is just where it is supposed to be” I got upset, because I don’t want to think that my Dad isn’t supposed to still be with us.   Grief hits when you least expect it…)

Before class, I took a few pictures….I’ll explain the first one.  An elderly lady’s dog had got away from her, and she was upset.  This man dropped everything, chased after the dog, went into water to get him, and returned him to his owner.  There really ARE good people in the world.  :)


Here are a few other shots from the funky area wound my yoga studio.






After class, I went grocery shopping on Commercial Drive, one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city (and where they have the BEST delis and produce markets….amazing items, SO affordable…)   Then, Dennis and I went for a walk along the beach.  It was a lovely afternoon, and far too nice to stay inside.  Here are a few shots….





????????……I wish I’d had the guts to ask this man why he has a beach name on his lower back…












We feel so lucky to live so close to such beauty!

What did all of you get up to this weekend?  I’m all ears….

Sigh…I have no title today.  Sorry…

Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “Upside Down”.  Thanks Neva!  You suit the prompt perfectly!!!

05 september 5 upside down

And my 365 Days in Nature picture for today?  A flower and a buzzing bee, that I admit, I took a couple of weeks ago.

5 of 365

Today’s menu?  Breakfast was Little Big Toast with peanut butter and a banana.  I had the BEST cantaloupe during the morning.  Lunch was rye crackers with egg salad, cucumber, and some pickled vegetables.  I had some popcorn during the afternoon.  Dennis had to work late tonight so it was dinner for one, and I had grilled cheese and soup and some white wine.

I walked for about 40 minutes at lunchtime, and came home the long way, so my workouts today were just walking.

Here are some shots of my day.  I don’t have many.  I had a day where I loved being out and about, but just didn’t feel like taking too many photos.

Dennis made Neva a little “obstacle course” with some boxes, a paper grocery bag and her tunnel.  She LOVES it.  It may take up a good part of our living room, but who cares, the Queen of England isn’t coming over….  :)   We see you Neva!!!


When I was out and about, I found a singing Buddha and a neon omg sign.   Namaste!



…a spider web in good sunlight….


…two four month old puppies wrestling (the black and white is named “Olive”, and the brown is named “Charlize”)


…fall colours…NOOOO!!!  I’m not ready…..


…and finally, there were a bunch of baby/young seagulls feeling their wings and learning to fly in the bird pond.  Demo….


…nice landings….



…this one was a bit “grand”, but still good….


…and then, THIS.  OOPS!!!!!!


Keep trying little guy!  Feet first!!!  :)

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!

Today’s Photo a Day Challenge prompt is “DIY”.  I didn’t do anything of note today, so I used this picture from earlier in the summer of Dennis and I putting together the flowers in our deck containers.

04 september 4 diy

I used flowers in my 365 Days In Nature shot today too.


I had a pretty healthy day.

Breakfast – Little Big Bread with mashed avocado;

Lunch – tuna salad (tuna, light mayonaise and relish) with rye crackers and some cucumber;

Dinner was at Cousin Helen’s – broccoli cheese pie, cornbread, wine, ice cream and a cookie for dessert;

Extras – watermelon, cherry tomatoes

I was VERY sore from my sweaty yoga class last night, which is a good sore.  :)  I walked (well, rambled actually) for an hour at lunchtime, then I walked to Helen’s house after work which took about an hour, then walked home so another half hour from there.

This morning, the return of Michelle’s famous finger arrived.  Needless to say, life got in the way of our normal visits over the last month or so.  Mi, it is good to be back!!!!  (and its good to know I have permission to get saucy)


I seem to have lost the lens cap for my camera. (new one, already bought).  I dumped the contents of my bag out to see if it was in there.  I didn’t find it, but I did find my little sock monkey.  And took a couple of shots when I walked to the store to buy the cap replacement.



The sun was bright at lunchtime.  And the planes were flying.


Birds were flying overhead too.


A couple of other “critters” around the bird pond….I think the butterfly looks like he is posing for the camera.  HA!



These dogs were having a great time in the dog park pond.





Cat lovers, get ready to “awwww”.  Non-cat lovers, I think you may “awww” anyway.

I walked by the Vet’s office that works with the cat rescue organization.  There are new kitties looking for new homes.  I’ve struck up quite the friendship with the Vet….he loves the pictures.   And I love taking them.

This little calico is GORGEOUS, and squeezes her paws when you talk to her…


There is a tabby mom and three tabby kittens.  Two of which were wrestling, and all of which are SO cute!  (and not easy to photograph)



THEN…the Vet showed me a little girl who isn’t quite ready to be adopted yet and isn’t “on display”.  (does it sound bad that the Vet took me to the back of their office to show me his own special furball???  Yeah, it sounds bad. LOL)  She is MAYBE 2 months old, and was brought into the office by someone who just found it in a park.  Seems she has an injured leg so the Vet is “fixing her up” before he puts her up for adoption.  The Vet did call her his special furball, and is obviously completely smitten with her already.  AWWW!  Look at those blue eyes!


And finally, a non animal, bird or insect photo.  I took this when I walked home from Helen’s house.  I love old lobbies like this.


That was my Thursday.  Anyone have any weekend plans?  Anyone want to adopt a kitten?  :)

Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “Button”.  I used this picture of a crosswalk button that I took today.  Not a favorite shot, but suited the prompt well.

03 september 3 button

I used this photo for the 365 days of Nature shot for the day….I have NO idea how this creepy fellow caught my eye, but he did….

03 of 365

He wasn’t the only insect I saw while I was out and about today….







Light was hitting this spider web in a sprinkler just perfectly.


Various birds from today…..






Two more feathers literally dropped out of the sky in front of me today.   They were much smaller than the feathers that have fallen before.



I saw a short haired “Neva lookalike”….


Speaking of Neva….


And speaking of pretty (were we?) ….these blooms are….



Ominous clouds at lunchtime….


…someone used this rock for art.  I “heart” peace too.


And there is lots of public (and temporary) art around the city.




So much to see on my walks.  I walked at lunchtime, and to yoga after work.  It is SO good to get back on my mat and go to my sweaty yoga class.  I am going to be sore tomorrow, which I see as a good thing!

And the menu for the day:

Breakfast – Little Big Bread with mashed avocado

Lunch – tomatoes, sliced turkey, light cheese, rye crackers and watermelon

Dinner – tortellini with tomato sauce, and a piece of garlic bread.  I also had a pineapple popcicle.

Extras – hard boiled egg before yoga, and a small piece of birthday cake (it was a colleague of mine’s birthday today)

Yes, life is slowly getting back to normal.  And there is nothing wrong with NORMAL!  Bring it on.

What better day to return to the Photo A Day Challenge than September 1st?  New month, new prompts, and brighter days this month for sure!

Yesterday’s prompt was “In my cup”.  My mom and I did this shot together, our cup runneth over with tea….

01 sep 1 ..in my cup

And today’s prompt was “Stripes”.  I REALLY want to take the photo on the day of the prompt, but my snail on snail shot with the stripey shells was just too perfect for the prompt not to post.  (I took this photo in July….)

Copy (1) of IMG_2803

I’ve also jumped back into my 365 days in Nature photo group.  Starting from scratch here, so posted these two nature shots I took over the last little while.

01 of 365 nature sep 1

02 2 of 365

I’ve also got back into tracking meals, healthy eating and tracking exercise time (despite not tracking and just eating everything in the last month, I’m down 4 lbs.   It was NOT a good way to lose weight….).

I had Little Big bread with peanut butter and a banana for breakfast, some cherry tomatoes during the morning, a chef’s salad (greens and vegetables with a boiled egg, 1 oz cheese and some turkey) for lunch, I had some popcorn this afternoon and dinner tonight was baked cod with steamed green beans and pattypan squash from our garden plot.  The fish and veggies were drizzled with Bolthouse honey/mustard dressing.    I also had an hour long lunch hour walk in the rain.

During the walk, I took this artsy little “selfie” in the reflection of a piece of public art.  Oooh…..


…lots of rain makes for shaggy looking crows.


The birds in the bird pond were flapping, squawking and flying…



…and looking like they have two heads.  (it’s a stretch, I know…)


I passed some lovely late summer blooms….which reminded me of my Dad’s garden and made me momentarily teary.


Am I the only one who sees a “face” in the background here??


This is the lone cherry tomato growing on our deck.  Awesome!  HA…not!


And now, I’ll finish with the “hmmmm” section of this post.

As most of you know, it hasn’t even been two weeks since my Dad died.  For the first few days, every falling leaf, every breeze and every windchime’s chimes made me think “Is that Dad?  Is it a sign?”.   I know my Dad gave me a true sign when he and I took our last walk, but I have to admit, I still do see things and wonder if it is him watching over us.   Last year when my good friend Kathy died, I feel that she let me know she was ok in the form of a rainbow.  Tonight, when the rain subsided, we had a beautiful rainbow across the sky….


…and I said to Dennis “I wonder if that is Dad letting us know he is ok”.  And when I said that, a heart shaped cloud floated across the rainbow then seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye….


…which again, made me momentarily teary.

Was it my Dad?  I don’t know for sure, but I know I feel him with me, I feel his spirit and I miss him very, very much.  I’m going to choose to believe that the heart WAS my Dad…so Dad….I love you back!  Keep giving me the signs!!  I feel comfort knowing you are ok!

Hello from my Mom’s place in Victoria.  Dennis and I are here spending the long weekend with her, and helping out any way we can.

Here are just a few pictures from the day.  These are from the crossing from Vancouver to Victoria…..




I took a little beach walk on my own this afternoon.  I made a new friend…


…found some birds enjoying the beach…..



…I watched waves some from two directions…..


..and watched other people watching waves come in two different directions….


…and found some very crabby little crabs who were waving their little pinchers at me.  “I don’t want to hurt you Mr. Crabby, I just want to take your picture so put those things away”  HA!

IMG_2660 2



We are all pretty tired from our long day, so I’ll hit publish, and check back in over the weekend.  Hope all of you are having a NON-CRABBY long weekend!!!

As most of you know, the last month has been a complete blur.  We are now moving forward and (reluctantly) accepting that my Dad is gone, and that life will never be the same.  Emotions are running high, I have times of tears, and times of joy and laughter, but it is time to get back to some form of “normal”.

I’ve come back to Vancouver for a couple of days, then Dennis and I will be heading back to Victoria for the long weekend to hang out with my Mom.   Here is a GORGEOUS cloud formation that was on the ferry last night…..I see a bird with outstretched wings.


That was last night, but today, it was time to reconnect to my home, and my life here in Vancouver.    I had so many hugs from my co-workers today.  I have some amazing work friends, and I have felt their love and support through the last few weeks.  I am lucky!!!

I also reconnected with this little girl, who I missed so much over the last couple of weeks.  Hi Neva! …..


….I saw some beautiful sunflowers on my walk to my little community garden plot during my lunch hour…..


…I found some new public art in the local park, 3 jelly beans that reflect the park and the city beautifully.




….I have grown tiny weeny carrots that look like testicles in our little garden plot.  Note to self:  rethink placement of carrots next summer…..


…I got reacquainted with my favorite bird pond……





…there is a new little calico kitten ready for adoption…..


…many pigeons on a wire…..


….a very cool and rusted angel door knocker on a house that will soon be torn down…..


…and finally, our quirky sand sculpting neighbor is back at it….for the record, the face in the sunbeams is one of my favorite pieces so far.





My next goal is to reconnect with my blog friends.  I’ve missed you all, and can’t thank you enough for your wonderful support over the last month.  I look forward to catching up with you!!

I hope all of you have a wonderful long weekend.  I will check in when I can.  And I assure you, regular blogging will continue soon!   Bring on the “new normal”…..

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