Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “Jump”.  Thanks yet again to this group of people visiting from Ontario last summer!  They were stellar jumpers!  :)

17 jan 7 jump

It is “wing week” over at the 365 Days in Nature site….this guy was at our feeder this morning.  Love the wings!


And I flipped the shoes from Victoria into black and white for the Only Shades of Gray site….


Today is a very special day in the land of Weightingfor50.   Five years ago today, we brought this mangy, malnourished, sad little kitten (who the SPCA named “Ice”) home….

nev DAY ONW_1

Main computer transfer 1076_1

…she has flourished into our beloved Neva!  She brings us joy every day, and we both feel one of the best decisions we ever made was bringing her home with us.  <3 you Neva!



Dennis and I had a pretty lazy Saturday morning.  I had big plans to get up, run some errands and go to my favorite sweaty yoga class, but this lingering cough said otherwise, and I think the relaxation did me a lot of good.  We made a healthy breakfast, read a bit, watched some fluffy nature shows on tv….it was really nice.

I emphasize HEALTHY BREAKFAST because today, I am back to counting weight watchers points.  In the last few months, I haven’t had the energy or interest to do hard core meal planning and tracking.  The time has come….

While we were hanging out, birds were hanging out just off of our deck.   Which excited Neva no end,



We did venture out and grab some groceries this afternoon though.  And I took some photos….





“Fu Yu”?  That doesn’t sound very nice… :)


Cupcakes in a window, and love the street sign outside….



I liked this sign too…


Other window shots…



Our dinner tonight was turkey burgers.  I had mine in a sandwich thin, and I spiraled some zucchini and sweet potatoes (the zucchini was much more successful) and roasted them alongside.  I also had a glass of wine, and some frozen cherries.


That was my Saturday.  We have a pretty full day tomorrow.  See you then….  Hope YOUR weekend is going well too!

Yesterday’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt was “Old”.  I used this archive picture of an old photograph from the Burnaby Heritage Museum.

15 jan 15 old

Today’s prompt is “Nature”.  I didn’t take any nature shots of note today, so I used this picture from November.

16 jan 16 nature

I flipped this picture into black and white for the Only Shades of Gray site….


And this was the photo I used for the 365 Days in Nature.  This was taken down at my favorite bird pond a couple of weeks ago.


I was playing with shutter speeds this morning when the hummingbirds were feeding.  OOOH….artsy!  :)






Neva was watching the hummingbirds too.  She was giving them a firm speaking to….you tell ‘em Neva!

PicMonkey Collage1

AND…then have a nap!

PicMonkey Collage3

VERY cool morning clouds….


…and a VERY early bloom.


These shots were taken on my walk home from work tonight…






We had white wine and chicken lasagne (with baguette) for dinner tonight.


This weekend….I will spend a little time in the kitchen making some healthy meals!  Time to up the veggies, up the nutrients and maybe even time to count weight watchers points again.  Bring it on.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!

Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “old”.  As tempting as is was to turn the camera around and post a selfie, because lately, I’ve been feeling a little old (HA!)….I haven’t posted yet.  I need to go through some of my archives to get a shot of something old, and will play catch up tomorrow.

I DID post this picture on the 365 Days in Nature group (taken yesterday)….


And I took and posted this shot today on the Only Shades of Gray black and white group.  LOVE the eyelashes….


Today’s post is VERY quick.  Today has been a day of visits between working.  Before work, I met Michelle and her famous hand for a pre-work coffee….


…then, at lunchtime I met my buddy Melisa and GORGEOUS “Baby I” for a visit….


“I” is the owner of the eyelashes above, and he is ADORABLE!!!!!!!


After work, I met my friend Caroline, who will be moving to a different city soon.  This is HER hand….


…this is my spinach roll and coffee….


…this is the lovely wooden hummingbird Caroline gave me.  <3 this!!!  Thank you Caroline!



And when I was walking home, this pattern of the branches looked like a spider web against the street light.  OOOH…artsy.  :)


That was my Thursday.  All downhill now to the weekend.  Happy Friday to everyone!!!

Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “New”.  When I was out walking today, I saw these new little leaves growing on a tree.  It is very frosty, cold and seems WAY too early for these.  Hang in there little leaves….stay curled up for a while longer!  :)

14 jan 13 new

It is fruit and nut week over at the 365 Days in Nature site.  If you look VERY closely, this little bird has a seed in his mouth.  Close enough to a fruit or nut, right?

14 jan 14 of 365

And yet another bird from my lunchtime walk was flipped into black and white for my Only Shades of Gray group.

14 jan 14 bw

As you can see from these shots from my walk to work, it is WAY too cold and frosty for new leaves.  BUT….the blooms above weren’t the only little shoots I saw….


Random frosty gloves….. (?)

PicMonkey Collage5




The fog had lifted by my lunchtime walk time….but it was still pretty cold.  No complaints though, gloves and hat and a warm coat, and there is no reason not to go outside.   I saw a TON of birds today.  Seems the city workers have cut back all kinds of plant growth in a park I walk through, so the birds were in clear site.





PicMonkey Collage3



Look at this beauty!!!!  He almost looks like he’s not real.





There was some serious crow aggression.  Yikes!

PicMonkey Collage



PicMonkey Collage2

Unoccupied (for now) birdhouses….


And I’m going to close out the “bird section” with one of our gorgeous little hummingbirds at the feeder on our deck.


There aren’t too many insects around right now, but I did see this big honkin’ spider…..I look forward to the season of bugs and snails again! :)


There isn’t a lot of greenery for the bugs and snails to eat right now….



I like the rippled reflection in this shot….


And I LOVE this sign on a lamp post.  I’m guessing someone fills the little container below on a regular basis.


We were both late getting home tonight, so threw together a quick breakfast for dinner.  I had some leftover steamed nugget potatoes that I browned in some olive oil, we had turkey back bacon and scrambled eggs.


Enough about Wednesday.  Heading off to bed now, and we’ll move on to Thursday soon.  Have a great day everyone!

Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “Lucky number”.  I don’t have a lucky number, I don’t even have a favourite number, but SEVEN is a number, and there are 7 goslings in this shot from last spring.

13 jan 13 lucky number

I flipped this photo, taken when I was with my Mom in Victoria yesterday, into black and white and I posted it on the Only Shades of Gray site.

13 jan 13 bw

And I took this “wing flipping duck’s” picture today, and posted in on 365 Days in Nature.

13 jan 13 of 365

I just have a few catch up shots from yesterday……check out these shoes that were in a store window.  Hmm…quite the fashion statement…..


…as well as this jaunty shopping bag…..


…another fashion statement?  Or art?  I vote for art…..


The sign says it all…and yes, the waxing salon is called the “Foxy Box”…..


…my Mom and I went for lunch between appointments, and for the record, this was the BEST Reuben I’ve ever had.


I came back last night is QUITE the fog.  It took a long time for the ferry to dock, because the boat was moving so slowly.  It was almost surreal, and photos don’t do justice.  It was cool…..




On to today….I still have a bit of a cough, but went for a lunchtime walk anyway.  It was sunny, and I figured as long as I bundled up, it would do me good.  This cloud was amazing, and I took this shot so it looks like smoke coming out of a chimney.  OOOH….artsy.  :)


…lone crow….


What an angry looking ceramic frog….


…Umpire Duck. “you’re OUT!” (silly! :) )


..this one looks like he’s dancing (sort of)….



I wonder what kind of bird will occupy this in the spring.


…dogs in motion – I don’t think any of the 8 legs are on the ground…..



VERY busy day at a bird feeder.  Funny thing in the first shot, none of the birds are actually feeding.



Very pretty (and pretty chilly)


I would like to introduce you to my Kombucha’s “mother”.  Dennis and I both love kombucha, but it gets a little expensive to buy on a regular basis, so I decided to try and make it myself.  First step in the process is to grow a Scoby (which I find out is an acronym for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast.  Who knew????  I didn’t….).  I’ll be speaking lovingly to the mother (or “mutha” if I’m talking gangster…ha) for 2-4 weeks.  THEN we can make the actual fermented kombucha.  Thanks to for the instructions.





Will keep you posted if/when the process continues.

Dinner tonight was just some spinach/ricotta ravioli with light alfredo, sun dried tomato pesto, grated Parmesan and a bun.


Have any of you tried to make kombucha?  Any tips?  I’m truly all ears on this one….  Happy Wednesday to all.  Ferment on!  :)


I have no desire for this blog to become a political soapbox, but I can’t post today without acknowledging the amazing outpouring of humanity that has taken place today in Paris, and other cities around the globe.  I found myself welling up when I saw the millions upon millions of individuals worldwide, who to put it simply, seemed to be willing to stand up for peace, safety and security.

We may watch/read the news and see sadness, evil and horror on a daily basis (locally, and worldwide), and over time, the constant barrage of negativity could  certainly turn many into skeptics, seeing the world as an innately BAD place, full of bad people doing bad things to each other. Of course, there ARE bad people doing bad things to each other, but I truly believe, and I will continue to believe that there are MORE people who are good.  The rallies today restored my faith in humanity just a little bit. There will always be different priorities, and those differences won’t always be resolved, the world will ALWAYS have conflicts, but MAYBE there can be just a little respect and acknowledgement that we truly are all in this together.  I hope today is just a small step in standing together for a better world.

I’m stepping off my soapbox now……and we return to normal “weightingfor50″ fluff!

Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “I see…..”   I see a face in this gnarly tree that I passed on a walk today.  It’s funny, someone else in the photo group saw a wolf, someone else saw a face in pain.  I saw the Man in the Moon yawning.  What do you see?

11 jan 11 i see

I also saw this tiny mushroom on my walk today.  I posted this on the 365 Days in Nature group.

11 jan 11 of 365

And I saw a heart in this tree, and posted it on the Only Shades of Gray black and white site.

11 jan 11 bw

I’m still over at my Mom’s place.  I have booked the day off work tomorrow as a vacation day, because we have yet another appointment to finalize my Dad’s affairs.  Seriously, when someone passes away, the amount of administration is staggering…..and it goes on for MONTHS!  However, all good….

We did a little running around today, at one point, my mom was having her hair done, so I took a quick walk in a park close by.  It really is true, and hour in nature, by yourself is good for the soul.  (well, for me anyway)

All the pictures above were taken on my walk….as were these….

Despite the mucky trail, it was lovely in the woods.








Regular readers know I love my fungus and mushrooms.  Um…that sounds bad.  Fungus and mushrooms in the wild.  Yeah, that’s better!












Regular readers also know I like taking photos of birds…..those that peck trees….



…those with curly worms….


…and those without worms….


..and those who turn their backs, but look interesting on the grass with all the dew…..



…and those who aren’t real birds at all.


I also enjoy staring down squirrels….


…and watching kitties of any kind.


I found a couple of “hearts in nature”.  I think it is time to find daily random hearts again!



Tonight, my mom and I had the leftover chinese food from last night, and I had a beer.



That is a wrap on the weekend.  Not sure if I’ll be posting tomorrow, it’ll depend what time I get home tomorrow night.  If I do post, “see” you then, if not, “see” to Tuesday.  Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “Hello”.  As tempting as is was for me to find a picture of an old Lionel Richie album, and caption it “is it me you’re looking for?” (you are MOST welcome for that earworm!), I went with this picture of a seagull that I took on my ferry ride to Victoria today.  “Hello.  Do you have any crackers for me??”  I did not….

10 jan 10 2 hello

Keeping with the gull theme of my day, and with the “fruit and nut” theme on the 365 Days in Nature, I posted this gull, who looked at me like I WAS nuts.  (he looks like a real life angry bird to me)

10 jan 10 hello

And I used this picture that I had on my system, taken a couple of months ago.  I flipped the picture to black and white, added a white frosty edge to make the statue “pop” a bit, and posted this on the Only Shades of Gray site.

10 jan 10 bw

Yup, I’m over at my Mom’s place.  I didn’t take too many pictures from the ferry, as it was pretty chilly, and I’m still a little under the weather.  I did however, take a few before retreating inside to a chair, a cup of tea and a trashy magazine….

The “hello” bird above made quite the entrance, and landed on a lamp.  TONS of people were there taking it’s picture, and a group of students visiting from Montreal decided to name him “Lenny”.  (not sure why)



And this is a close up of the angry bird.  (not sure if the students named this one too)


Another flew by….


This bird was more of a surfer than a flier….


As you can see in the next shots…..Lenny (and his neck feathers) taught me a very valuable lesson.  Seems that strong winds are actually “nature’s photoshop” and can “carve” one’s body into much, much thinner angles….so next time I’m having my photo taken, and there is a big wind, I’m going to stand with my stomach toward it….voila…instant 6 pack!  HA!!!



“Are you laughing at me?”  Yes Lenny, I am…  :)


Enough of that silliness.  The fog was pretty thick on the crossing, so it was a good day to be inside the boat, not on the outside deck because there weren’t many pictures worth taking.


..but there was next to no wind in a pass (so no nature’s photoshop here), so the reflections of passing boats were pretty lovely.


My mom and I ventured downtown to run a couple of errands this afternoon.  I saw this on the side of a building, and I liked it.


We also did a bit of thrifting and used book storing.  I happened to come across a book that was the “Worst Album Covers of all Time”, and it is HILARIOUS!  There was a section on albums with organ music…which of course leads to a bit of tongue in cheek silliness.  I posted this on facebook, because the woman seems more unsatisfied than fascinated with the organ.  LOL!   And who DOESN’T listen to organ music with full make-up, sassy hair and no clothes on???



…and this one wouldn’t be too bad, if the organist didn’t have his organ tied to a phallic looking rocket, and some of the songs include “Mr. Lucky”, “The Happy Organ”, “Ain’t Misbehavin'” and “When the Organ Played at Twilight”.  Good grief….


For those wondering, yes, I DID buy the book, and it was the funniest $2.00 I’ve spent in a long time.  (stay tuned for photos of covers of “Music for Expectant Fathers” and “Music for Swinging Mothers”.  I kid you not….)

My mom and I have started what seems a tradition, we send out for chinese food when I’m here, have a meal, then my Mom has at LEAST 2 extra meals to have in her freezer for nights she doesn’t feel like cooking.  Tonight, we had hot and sour soup (which is one of my favorite “under the weather” food.  I always feel better when I have hot and sour soup), chicken with snow peas, rice and chow mein.



Check out the steam pattern in the soup container.  Very “tree like”.


Time to wrap this up, and get to bed.  Hopefully another good night’s sleep and I’ll be another step closer to being back to health. Hope all of you are having a great weekend.   See you tomorrow….


Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “Pattern”.  I used this shot of a sand pattern on a beach that I took last summer.

09 jan 9 pattern

I finished off “shell week” on the 365 Days in Nature site with this shot.  Lunch, that would have been nothing but a shell shortly after this shot was taken.

09 jan 9 of 365

And I turned this pot of succulents black and white and posted it on Only Shades of Gray.

09 jan 9 bw

Today’s title says it all.  My day was, ridiculously boring.  I’m on day 3 of this wicked cold/flu thingy, and though I’m much better, my cough etc were apparently unwelcome in my workplace, so I spent the day slothing around home.  I’m definitely still not 100%, but I think unless things go really badly overnight, I’ll be over to see my mom tomorrow.  So today, I have a few relatively boring photos to share….

Cool clouds…



Birds on our deck….





Neva attempting to entertain with her “Jack in the box” routine…  LOL!





Crazy animal!

Even my meals today were ridiculously boring.  For whatever reason, my stomach has been “off” more today, so meals were bananas, toast, Popsicles, and then a little more toast.  BORING!!!!   So now that I’ve put you all to sleep, I will head off and sleep some more myself.  I promise a little more interesting news tomorrow!   Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!

Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “Landscape”.  I took this a few months ago….

08 jan 8 landscape

I used this shot from last spring for the 365 Days in Nature group.  Keeping with the shell theme, these are goslings in shells.  :)

08 jan 8 of 365

And here is my daily black and white shot for “Only Shades of Gray”

08 jan 8 bw

I have next to nada to show for the day.  I was still snuffling, coughing and full of cold, so stayed home from work today.  For the most part, I spent the day on the couch snoozing (coughing kept me awake most of the night), reading magazines, watching bad daytime tv and looking out the window.

A bird flew by….and if you look at the shape of the bird’s wings, and the cloud in the top right…it’s almost the same!  (yes, I am on cold medication!)


Oh look, more clouds!  Many made and natural!  Woo Hoo!


OOOH…ominous fog rolling in.  Taken from our deck.  (I quickly whipped out there to refill some bird seed that we have there for the winter birds.  Shhh…don’t tell the strata of our building! )


I found these hummingbirds more interesting than Rachel Ray.  :)   This one looks like Michael Phelps doing the butterfly stroke.



…hug it out…..


I did leave the house for a couple of hours tonight though.  I had an appointment to be sassified at my hairdresser at 6:00pm.  I texted my hairdresser this morning to see if I could reschedule, and I could….but she’s going away after tomorrow and I wouldn’t be able to get in there for 2 1/2 weeks.   Given that I looked like THIS (with more visible roots – thank you google images.  For the record, it’s pretty hilarious what you see when you do an image search using the term “bad hair day dog”)….


…I bundled up, medicated relatively heavily, loaded up with kleenex and went to the appointment.  (thank you again Google Images)


We picked up some vegetarian quiche, and had it with leftover roasted potatoes and some salad for dinner.


I’m pretty sure, unless things change, I’ll be back at work tomorrow.  Then I’m off to Victoria to spend the weekend with my Mom. Anyone have any plans for YOUR weekend???


Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “currently reading”….  I found this book in a thrift store a while ago, and have finally got around to reading it.  It’s wonderful, and has a ton of examples of how to make ordinary objects/surroundings extraordinary.  I put my reading glasses there for interest, and wow….they need cleaning.  :)

07 jan 7 currently reading

I posted this photo on the 365 Days in Nature group.  It is obviously from my archives, and I just liked it….

07 jan 7 of 365


I used another archive shot for the Only Shades of Gray, black and white site.

07 jan 7 bw

I was sent home from work today.  I have acquired a chest cold (most of my colleagues either have it or had it) and have a bit of a “dramatic” cough.  I actually don’t feel too bad, but I guess my boss didn’t want to listen to it, and politely told me to “get my ass home”.

When I was walking to work this morning, it was really foggy, which made for some interesting photos….





This was on the ground. “cat got your tongue”?



Not cat had this seagull’s tongue…..


What a sassy frog (LOL)….



Lots of hummingbirds were around the feeder this afternoon.  (and I was slothing on the couch so could take these shots through our window)

IMG_0881 1



Nurse Neva (who was lying on my legs, so when I coughed, she moved)…..




Dennis took care of dinner tonight.  Spaghetti with meat sauce.  Thank you Dennis.



I’m off to have a hot toddy now, get some vicks vapo rub on me, and try and sleep this off.  I’m sure tomorrow will be a less hacky day. Is everyone in YOUR neck of the woods sick?  EVERYONE around me is….

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