Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “Hot + Cold”.  I used this picture from my archives….ice cream that was in hot milk in a hot stone dish.  My friend Carrie and I split this a while ago.

15 nov 15 hot and cold

The day’s theme in the 365 Days in Nature group is “from above/below”.  I took this picture of a murder of crows from below this afternoon.

15 nov 15 of 365

I took two walks today.  One was after my yoga class, and the second was with Dennis this afternoon.  Before the walks though, we had a hummingbird visit this morning….


Which excited Neva no end…..


My yoga studio is on Granville Island.  After class, I took a walk around the public market and some outside areas on the way to my car.  Here are some of the photos I took.





















After lunch (I picked us up some bagels with light cream cheese and smoked salmon from the market), Dennis and I drove down to the south section of the city and walked along the Fraser River.  We had to bundle up, it was gorgeous, sunny but unseasonably cold.


















We picked up a rotisserie chicken on the way home, and used some scalloped potatoes, stove top stuffing and cranberry sauce that we had in the cupboard, and some peas from the freezer.


Comfort food at its finest!  How is YOUR weekend going?  I’m all ears….

I was so excited this morning, while I was getting ready for work, I looked outside at our hummingbird feeder and saw this guy.  AWW!  (this was taken through the window, so not the best quality, but oh well)


I haven’t posted on the Photo A Day site yet.  I didn’t find the right picture today, so will search in the archives and post tomorrow.  I did post this on the 365 Days in Nature site though.  Stretching on the frozen bird pond.  (It is VERY cold here, by our standards.  We can’t complain, but this early season cold snap has taken us a bit by surprise)

14 nov 14 of 365

As the title says, it was frozen and frosty today.  Made some leaves look pretty….





The frost made windshields look pretty too….



I took a walk at lunchtime.  The little bird pond I walk by was frozen.



…which meant that there was some slipping and walking.  “This is MY piece of ice….I’m not sharing”….





This dog was fascinated by the birds walking on the water.  He SO wanted to jump in and chase them….


…and it looks like the gulls are laughing.



Not all the water in the area was frozen though…..





Pretty fall scenery….


….and yes it does.  :)


Later this afternoon, I met my friend Melisa and her adorable “Baby I” for a coffee.  Look at those little cheeks!!!  AWWW!!!!  Great to see you M!!!



…and I took a picture of my work friend’s fish.  Why?  Why not….



Tonight, Dennis and I had a glass of red wine, and sent out for souvlaki dinner.  (it came with hummus, pita, rice and greek salad)



(not a particularly stellar picture.  OOPS)

Speaking of pictures, Neva “helped” when I was downloading tonight.  Thank you Neva!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  I’m actually staying home in Vancouver this weekend.  My mom has other company this weekend, so I’ll be home for this one and back to Victoria next weekend.  Whatever you are doing, and wherever you are, hope you find some fun.  “See” you tomorrow.



Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “Letters”.  I went for a walk at lunchtime, and cut through an alley because I caught a glance of this from the main street.  Nice letters on the back of a building by a dumpster.  Many hands does make light work, but the location of this struck me odd.

13 nov 13 letters

And I posted this picture of a frosty leaf on the 365 Days in Nature site.

13 nov 13 of 365


A few other pictures from the day… was really cold by Vancouver standards today.  My little hummingbird feeder on our deck was frozen this morning….


….fall leaves that were falling like snow…


…more frosty leaves….


These were other “letters” that I found in the alley…..



I also found some “art”….



Amazing what you find when you cut through an alley.  I also found a birdbath, a giant fake bird and a real “lookalike”…..






Whatcha doing?  Just hanging out…


I found some art pieces on display on the street….







“artsy fartsy” pic of the day.  :)


My new friend Coco and her 4 month old puppy “Doofus”.  (poor puppy…AWWWW…..he didn’t seem like a Doofus to me)





Shadows, reflections, ocean and ducks…..





After work, I met my friend Laura for a beer and a burger.  It had been WAY too long since we’d seen each other, but life got in the way for a few months.  Great catching up Laura, and the beer, burger and fries were worth every calorie/point.



Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!










Happy Wednesday everyone!  As the title says, it felt like Monday today because of the holiday yesterday.  And I’m not sure why, but I felt very uneasy and anxious for much of the day today.  For no reason.  Wierd….   However, my super sweaty yoga tonight helped, and all is calm in the world of weightingfor50 again.

Today’s Photo A Day challenge prompt is “Normal”.  I posted this picture of normal deer behaviour from my mom’s normal visitors.

12 nov 12 normal

And I posted this shot on the 365 Days in Nature site.

12 nov 12 of 365

I found this pretty snail on my walk to work.  I never did see the actual snail, but the shell was pretty, and I put him onto a tree after the photos.



Aww…what a cutie sitting outside of a coffee shop….


I went for a walk at lunchtime.  Same route as normal, different things to see.  WOW….there are a lot of mushrooms here.





Interesting character close to the school yard….one in a mask, and one that looks like levitating spider man.




Fall colours and people out in the sunshine…..




Today’s action down at the bird pond.  Flapping gulls never get old….






Other birds…..




Awww….what a cute picture pinned to a door.


A few pics from my walk to yoga….




After yoga, we had spaghetti dinner.  I made the sauce yesterday, it has ground turkey, peppers, mushrooms, onions, garlic, basil and spinach in tomato sauce.  We grated some Parmesan on top.



That was my Wednesday.  What is happening in your neck of the woods?

…all the best to everyone this Remembrance Day.


It has been a very busy day here in the world of Weightingfor50.

This morning, we went and picked up our new laptop.  Our old device was starting to show signs of end of life (very very clear signs) so we were fortunate to find a sale for a new unit.  Which is exciting, but the platform we’re now working on is different, so there is a little bit of a learning curve going on.  As a result, this post will be quick as I not only have this gear to get familiar with, I also have to get busy in the kitchen to make us some healthy meals for the next few days.

We are right on the flight path of the planes that flew over the city toward the Remembrance Day services that were going on downtown.  It was a clear day, so we had quite the show…..







I did a quick play with a new photo editing site that the techie salesman tipped me off about – it has the same features as picmonkey, so no need to download.  Thank you for your modeling skills Neva.  :)


And just a quick catch up for the Photo A Day.  Yesterday’s prompt was “I do this every day” and today’s challenge was “a set”.

10 nov 10th i do this every day

11 nov 11 a set

(not the most stellar pics, but I had other things on the go today)

Now, I have a big pot of spaghetti sauce on, a pot of soup, a bunch of vegetables roasting and will be making green juice too.  Normal posts SHOULD return tomorrow. Have a great Wednesday all!!!

I have a few days catch up for the Photo A Day and the 365 Days in Nature.

November 7th – Photo A Day Challenge prompt was “on the floor”.  I used this archive pic of Neva on the floor (and also had Jennifer Lopez’ song “on the floor” on my mind for HOURS….)

07 nov 7 one the floor

My 365 Days in Nature picture that day was….

07 nov 7 of 365

On November 8th – the Photo A Day Challenge prompt was “a place…”  I posted this pic of a lovely place in a park….

08 nov 8 a place

And the theme of that day’s 365 Days in Nature was “out my door”.  I live in a condo, but posted this pic of clouds taken off of our deck.

08 nov 8 of 365

November 9th prompt was “Heck yes!”.  For the record, I don’t know why I hate that expression, but I do….but I posted this.  I went looking for mushrooms, did I find some, heck yes!  ( not me to say “heck yes!..but we’ll just let it go)

09 nov 9 heckyeah

…and this was yesterday’s 365 Days in Nature shot.  Snail on mushrooms.  (come back tomorrow for today’s photo offerings)

09 nov 9 of 365

I do just want to catch up on a few pics that I took yesterday in Victoria.  The tide was coming in…

Dennis Media 016

…the tree looks gorgeous….

Dennis Media 012

….and the little hummingbirds visited my parent’s feeder.

Dennis Media 005

Dennis Media 177

…Last night’s moon from the ferry.

Dennis Media 186

Today, it was a lovely morning to walk to work, but it was FROSTY!

Copy (1) of Dennis Media 007

Copy (1) of Dennis Media 008

Dennis Media 010

Birds in the frosty grass…

Dennis Media 013

Buh bye fall leaves.  Blow away….

Dennis Media 018

There aren’t TOO many bugs around these days, but I did find a fly today….

Dennis Media 022

There is a new pet store in our neighborhood….I had to go and check in out (and Neva DID get yet another toy…)  They have a BIG fish/aquarium section.  They’re quite gorgeous.  Not sure if I’d want a blue lobster as a pet though….

Dennis Media 027

…and I’m not sure I’d want frogs as pets either….

Dennis Media 029

Dennis Media 030

…the  fish were pretty too…..

Dennis Media 032

Dennis Media 033

It was REALLY quiet at work today.  Tomorrow is a stat holiday and most of my colleagues took the day off.  That gave me the chance to zip into both of our boardrooms and take some shots from the windows there.  Fall colours looking north….

Dennis Media 044

…and Mount Baker in Washington State to the south.

Dennis Media 045

Finally, I need to resurrect my ‘daily hearts’.  So here is one I found today (on my walk to the pet store)

Dennis Media 024

Tonight for dinner, we had veggie lasagne with a glass of wine.  I’d show you the pics, but we’re having temporary usb port difficulties which is proving to be challenging for transferring some pictures.  Our existing laptop is on life support, so today, I’m very excited, we got a replacement.  We’ll be picking it up tomorrow so hopefully, normal pics won’t be an issue.  In the meantime, we have a stat holiday tomorrow so will be sleeping in, and honoring those who served our country tomorrow morning.  I’ll be checking back then….from this laptop, or our new one.  OOOH….  In the meantime, hope you all wear a poppy and remember those who were lost.

I can’t resist sharing some of the INCREDIBLE mushrooms I saw on a quick walk yesterday.  I specifically went to a park looking for them, and Mother Nature richly rewarded me for my efforts!  Enjoy…and I’ll be back later today with a regular daily recap.  HA!  ReCAP!  Mushrooms have CAPS!  (groan…sorry, my coffee just kicked in I guess….)

Dennis Media 058

Dennis Media 059

Dennis Media 067

Dennis Media 072

Dennis Media 073

Dennis Media 074

Dennis Media 080

Dennis Media 092

Dennis Media 105

Dennis Media 109

Dennis Media 119

Dennis Media 125

Dennis Media 162

Hi from my Mom’s place in Victoria.  As many of you know, I’m spending weekends with my Mom, helping her out while she recovers from her surgeries and from the loss of my Dad.  I was REALLY missing my Dad today, I know he’d have LOVED some of the pictures I took from the ferry this morning.  It was a perfect light morning for shots….and I think he’d have got a kick out of what I saw, and how I captured it.  So Dad…these are for you!  :)  PS:  I’m taking good care of Mom!  And we both miss you!!!!

Dennis drove me out to the ferry this morning.  The sunrise/sky/fog was GORGEOUS!  These three pics are taken from the car.




As I said, the sights from the ferry were amazing.  I thought these clouds looked like a giant chevron pattern.  And the line of fog over the land was cool too.


When I got onto the outside deck to take pictures, I was greeted by this guy.  He was completely unphased by people getting relatively close to him and taking his picture.  Poser!  :) \




“goth toes”…..


The one above wasn’t the only poser….and I like the line of fog behind him.


Once we took off, the birds flew alongside the ferry….



Flying bird shadows…..oooh….artsy.  :)


I wasn’t the only one taking pictures.



And then….there were a couple of “feeders”.  Generally, I’m not a fan of feeding wild animals, but it DOES make for interesting photos.




You’ve heard of a police escort?  The ferry had a gull escort through Active Pass.


The gulls were escorting this fishing boat too.


Then, the “just wow” part came in.  Two humpback whales swam along beside the ferry for a short time, and put on quite the tail show.  I have to admit, I got goosebumps.  It was beautiful!  I wanted to watch it with my eyes, not through the camera lens, so these are just a couple of shots that I DID take.  Tail and back fin (that, at the right angle bears a striking resemblance to a Hershey’s kiss.  Sort of….)



WOW!!!!  I was so lucky!!!!!

After the whale experience, the fog moved in.  Timing is everything.  Thank you Mr. and Ms. Humpback!!!  You made my day!


My mom and I ran a bunch of errands this afternoon.  I made a quick pit stop into a pet store to get Neva a little “treat” (usually a toy or a catnip pillow).  Dennis and she always get a little something from Victoria,  This particular store was working with a local rescue organization, and had some kittens there who are looking for a new home.  (Neva is lucky her little treat was a catnip pillow and not a kitten!)   Look at this little beauty!  AWWW!


And I saw this in a grocery store.  Heh, heh….


Mom and I had some dinner plans, but they were changed so we sent out for chinese food and had some wine.  (well, I had some wine)



Depending on how late I get home tomorrow, I may or may not post.  If I do, I’ll see you then, if not, see you Monday.  But I have a question…..what is something “wow worthy” that you’ve seen lately?

Just catching up from yesterday, and for the photo challenge shots….

November 6th Photo A Day Challenge prompt was “made me smile”.  I posted this picture of the adorable (and adoptable) kitten that I saw on my walk that day.

06 nov 6 made me smile today

My 365 Days of Nature shot for that day was….

06 nov 6 of 365

The following day’s Photo prompt was “On the Floor”.  I didn’t keep to the feline theme on purpose, but posted this shot of Neva on the floor.

07 nov 7 one the floor

And for the 365 Days in Nature….

07 nov 7 of 365

I met my friend JenX for a coffee in the morning.  I had an almond milk latte..made with heart!  :)

Dennis Media 038

Another mushroom condo has developed.  (very “Vancouver”.  Condos pop up ALL the time. :) )

Dennis Media 025

Lots of fall colours on my quick lunchtime walk….

Dennis Media 044

Dennis Media 019

Dennis Media 065

Levitating, reclining and naughty paper ripping dogs at the dog park….

Dennis Media 050

Dennis Media 055

Dennis Media 057

The sun was casting a ‘rainbow’ on the clouds around it.  REALLY amazing to see this in the sky (and photos don’t do justice)

Dennis Media 039

I wasn’t the only one who stopped to look.  :)

Dennis Media 043

I passed by a little community garden.  Someone has planted tiny winter pansies….

Dennis Media 076

Dennis Media 077

…and have re purposed an old kettle….

Dennis Media 070

…and I saw water droplets on kale that seemed to be defying gravity.

Dennis Media 068

We had comfort food for dinner, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas.

Dennis Media 095

Neva’s fluffy paws just get me every time.  AWW!

Dennis Media 002

That was Friday.  I’m off to Victoria in the morning to see my Mom.  Anyone have any plans for YOUR weekend?  Whatever you do, I hope it’s a good one!!

…of me.  Not that this blog is anything BUT that…but I’m heading out soon, so am throwing a few pics up from the day, hitting publish, and I’ll be back tomorrow.

On the way to meet Michelle and her famous hand this morning, I saw this unassuming puddle between rain showers….

Dennis Media 002

…that became far less unassuming when cars drive by…

Dennis Media 003

…and then it becomes a fountain.   OOOH!

Dennis Media 004

I managed to stay dry, and met Michelle for our regular Thursday meet up….

Dennis Media 005

We have a very special “guest hand” today too.  HI BRIDGET!  (ps: your nails look nice)

Dennis Media 006

I took quite a few mushroom pics.  They really are GORGEOUS, and here for such a short time. (I actually bought a little field guide to identify them too)  I don’t have time to look it up now, so we’ll just call these…small spikey ones.

Dennis Media 020

…and a lamp trying to look like one.

Dennis Media 021

More of my favorites, you can see the stem of the freakishly massive one at the top of the shot…

Dennis Media 010

And in complete contrast, these are the TINIEST little mushrooms I’ve ever seen.  They were growing in the moss on a tree.  My finger and a bug were used for scale.   (note to self: your nails don’t look as nice as Bridget’s….you should probably do something about that)

Dennis Media 043

Dennis Media 046

I see lips and eyes in this one….

Dennis Media 028

I don’t see lips or eyes in these….

Dennis Media 031

Dennis Media 037

Dennis Media 087

Other pics of note…..Awwww……

Dennis Media 023

This dog was looking at the ducks below….

Dennis Media 055

…I was too…..

Dennis Media 068

…and I was looking at this yappy gull too.

Dennis Media 052

There was a ramblin’ crow by some train tracks….

Dennis Media 090

And a leaf collector.  (I’m going to see what this pic looks like in black and white)

Dennis Media 065

Finally, there are more kittens for adoption in the vet’s office I pass by.  I THINK there are four kittens and a mom, but it was hard to tell, they were sleeping in a lump.  This one was the only one who was awake.  AWWWW!!!!!!  Look at those eyes!

Dennis Media 082

That’s my Thursday.  I’m off now to meet my friend Sarah.  Beer and bar snacks will likely be involved!  Have a good Friday all.  Bring on the weekend!

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