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Hello from my Mom’s place in Victoria.  Dennis and I are here spending the long weekend with her, and helping out any way we can.

Here are just a few pictures from the day.  These are from the crossing from Vancouver to Victoria…..




I took a little beach walk on my own this afternoon.  I made a new friend…


…found some birds enjoying the beach…..



…I watched waves some from two directions…..


..and watched other people watching waves come in two different directions….


…and found some very crabby little crabs who were waving their little pinchers at me.  “I don’t want to hurt you Mr. Crabby, I just want to take your picture so put those things away”  HA!

IMG_2660 2



We are all pretty tired from our long day, so I’ll hit publish, and check back in over the weekend.  Hope all of you are having a NON-CRABBY long weekend!!!

As most of you know, the last month has been a complete blur.  We are now moving forward and (reluctantly) accepting that my Dad is gone, and that life will never be the same.  Emotions are running high, I have times of tears, and times of joy and laughter, but it is time to get back to some form of “normal”.

I’ve come back to Vancouver for a couple of days, then Dennis and I will be heading back to Victoria for the long weekend to hang out with my Mom.   Here is a GORGEOUS cloud formation that was on the ferry last night…..I see a bird with outstretched wings.


That was last night, but today, it was time to reconnect to my home, and my life here in Vancouver.    I had so many hugs from my co-workers today.  I have some amazing work friends, and I have felt their love and support through the last few weeks.  I am lucky!!!

I also reconnected with this little girl, who I missed so much over the last couple of weeks.  Hi Neva! …..


….I saw some beautiful sunflowers on my walk to my little community garden plot during my lunch hour…..


…I found some new public art in the local park, 3 jelly beans that reflect the park and the city beautifully.




….I have grown tiny weeny carrots that look like testicles in our little garden plot.  Note to self:  rethink placement of carrots next summer…..


…I got reacquainted with my favorite bird pond……





…there is a new little calico kitten ready for adoption…..


…many pigeons on a wire…..


….a very cool and rusted angel door knocker on a house that will soon be torn down…..


…and finally, our quirky sand sculpting neighbor is back at it….for the record, the face in the sunbeams is one of my favorite pieces so far.





My next goal is to reconnect with my blog friends.  I’ve missed you all, and can’t thank you enough for your wonderful support over the last month.  I look forward to catching up with you!!

I hope all of you have a wonderful long weekend.  I will check in when I can.  And I assure you, regular blogging will continue soon!   Bring on the “new normal”…..

The last time I was in Victoria with my parents having a “what used to be normal” visit, it was mid July, and we were celebrating my Dad’s birthday.  As regular readers know, my Dad and I would often get up early (before Mom and Dennis) and go for a walk by the ocean, a lake or in the forest.  We called them our “nature walks”, but truth be told, when we walked we talked about everything BUT nature…we just sorted out the world and spent great times together.

My Dad was feeling really tired in mid July (now we know why) and he and I said by the end of the summer, he would be feeling better, and he and my next “nature walk” would be to a place called Witty’s Lagoon.  That is about 30-40 minutes drive from my parent’s place.  I’d never been, and my Dad thought there would be some good photo ops there.

Of course we had no idea that my Dad would pass in less than a month, and we wouldn’t ever take the Witty’s Lagoon walk together.  Or would we?????

Today, I got up ridiculously early, and drove to Witty’s Lagoon to share that last walk with my Dad (as we’d planned).  He was with me in my heart.  And I won’t go into details, that’s for my Dad and I to share, but he gave me a very clear and unmistakable sign that he was there in spirit with me.  I have NO doubt that he WAS there with me, and we walked together.  It is a morning I’ll NEVER forget.

I would love to share some of my photos with you.  I think my Dad would approve.
















It is less than a week since we lost my Dad, each day has its ups and downs (I feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster), but for me, this morning’s walk and feeling my Dad’s spirit and presence, was very likely the start of my healing process.

So happy to share my walk with my blog friends too!  I send love and light to you all!

…to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful words of support and love you’ve sent over the last few days!


My mom and I appreciate everyone’s kindness.  More than you’ll ever know.

Needless to say, the last couple of days has been a bit of a blur.  There is so much “administration” to take care of when a loved one passes.  However, we’ve kept putting one foot in front of the other, and I think my Dad would be proud of us both.

I’ll check in within the next day or so.  Until then, I send you BACK love and light!!!!!  xoxox

I am sad to pass along the news that my Dad, Martin, died this morning in the early hours of the day.

We found out just over a month ago that melanoma, which he had some years ago had returned and was spreading.  He has seizures on his birthday, July 24th, caused by tumours on the brain and at that point we found out how aggressive the cancer was.

We had NO idea however, that the decline would be so rapid, and he’d pass in less than a month.

He died with peace, no pain, complete dignity and we couldn’t have asked for better care in the last two weeks in the hospice.

I will touch base again in a couple of days, and thank you so much for all the support and love you’ve shown my family during this difficult time.

R.I.P Dad.  Life as we know it will never be the same without you.  I am proud to be your daughter!!

blog aug 20



Just checking in to give you an update.   Really, there is no update, we spend a big part of our days at hospice with my Dad, who drifts in and out of reality, but is comfortable and isn’t in pain.

We feel so grateful and fortunate that he is getting such compassionate, dignified and nurturing care in this last chapter of his life.  The people who work in the hospice really are angels on earth.  It is a place of great sadness, but it is also amazingly positive and safe.  I couldn’t wish for a better place for my Dad to be right now…but I can’t lie, it is an emotional time for us all.

I’m also very lucky to have vacation days that can be used to stay in Victoria and support my mom as well.  Summer 2014 won’t go down in the books as a great one, but one of growth, and gratitude.

After our visit this afternoon, I really needed to go for a walk, have some “Roz time” and just clear my head.  I drove to a beach not far away, and walked along the water.  It was JUST what the doctor ordered.  Here are a few shots from my walk.

These are my feet in my mom’s shoes (I forgot to pack my walking shoes)….


I saw no salmon….


But I did see heron.  LOTS of heron.





I LOVE this!  I found this painted rock and little “hello” by a tree.  It made me happy. I wish the mystery artist could only know how much the little gesture meant to me and how wonderful it was to stumble upon it today.


Other walkers and some scenery….




“Silhouette Leaf Art”….



“constructed before the tide came in, rock art”



Nature’s “art” in the form of a seashell….


…that acted as a prop for a deceased crab photo shoot…..


…they were EVERYWHERE!  Birds will have a good dinner tonight….


And finally, I made a new friend.  I’m missing Neva (and Dennis too, but that goes without saying), so any pet to play with is welcome right now.  (I actually monopolized one of the little therapy dogs who are brought to the hospice for a while too.  He was soooo cute, and was pretty happy to just sit and snuggle with me for a while.  I know the dogs are there for patients, but I think families and staff love them too)


Hope all of you are doing well.  I am missing normal blogging (and normal life) but know I am exactly where I should be right now, and sooner rather than later this month long roller coaster will stop….and we will be able to begin our process of healing and moving forward.

Much love and thanks for ongoing support and check ins!  They mean more to me than you’ll ever know.  HUG!!!!

I’m back at my parent’s place in Victoria.  We’re still going day to day.

I learned something very important.  When one is visiting someone in a hospice, the words “try these amazing plums, they’re to die for” probably isn’t the most well thought out sentence in the world.  However….  (I stand by my thoughts that some humour is important, even when there is darkness around!)

Here are just a few pictures from the last couple of days….

This is my dismal tomato crop on our deck. LOL!  It is one tomato and is about the size of a walnut (for the record, it is not a cherry tomato variety).  My beans, radishes and lettuce were stellar….my beets and carrots are as pathetic as this tomato.  All noted for next year’s gardening.  Salsa anyone?  I’ll go to the grocery store….


I took this picture from the bus I took from Vancouver to the ferry.  AWWW!!!!


…last night’s sunset from the ferry.


This is my parent’s next door neighbor’s cat Amelie.  She was watching a fly and was disinterested in my camera.  Cute!


I took a little walk around the neighborhood after dinner tonight.  This deer was having HIS dinner…


…I thought this spider had pretty colours….


…and one of the neighbors have HUGE grape vines that are bearing a ton of fruit, and are hanging over the fence.


That’s it for today.  I’ll check in when I can.  Thanks  again for the ongoing support, love and prayers that are being sent our way.  My mom and I continue to appreciate and feel them all.  (and I’m pretty sure my Dad feels the love too!)

Have a great weekend!!!

It POURED with rain yesterday, and rain means snails come out of hiding and climb on my hand.


I love snails, so that made me happy.

I’m back to Victoria to be with my parents tonight, so will check in from the Island over the weekend.

I’m missing regular blogging, but just doing what I have to do right now.  I’m also missing catching up on my favorite blogs, but please know I’m thinking of my blog friends often.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Catch up again soon!

Hi everyone!

Just spinning by with a quick hello.  I’m back home in Vancouver for 3 days, then will be back to Victoria for a few more days to help out my Mom.   Life for my family is chugging along day to day.

Not significant update on my Dad.  He is getting excellent care, and is comfortable, which really is all we can ask for at the moment.

It was a beautiful night last night, so I took a few photos on the ferry ride back…..




..real live jellyfish in the wild….


…and last night’s super moon.



Speaking of the full moon, the falling/strangely placed feathers that seem to follow me when the full moon hits were back in full force yesterday and today. (I have witnesses….and don’t think I’m crazy.  Well….)  I pick them all up, and have a “bouquet of feathers” here at home, and another one on my desk at work….I have NO idea what to do with them.


I’m a little smitten with the owl feather (I googled it to identify the bird it came from), that was in front of me on a path yesterday.  It really is beautiful.


I was back at work today (I’m taking vacation days to be with my family, and have to save them a little…) and at lunchtime, I walked down to our little community garden plot and gave it some much needed tending and harvesting.   Here is my garlic harvest.


I also walked by a dog with amazing eyes….


…beautiful sunflowers…..



And seagulls who had a lot to say….



Finally, just because you haven’t seen her for a while, here is Neva giving me her best “oh, were you gone???” look.  NEVA!!!


I am exhausted, so will be hitting publish and getting to bed.  Will check in again in a couple of days.    Again, I can’t thank those of you who have commented and emailed support and love enough!  I have absolutely felt your support, and continue to do so as we move through this difficult time.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

Sending love and a big nose poke to all my blog friends and family!!!!

IMG_8981 2

Wasn’t I in the right place at the right time to get this shot today??  Love the little nose nuzzle that these two gave each other.  AWW!!!

I’ll touch base again in a couple of days!  (I’m missing regular posts, and regular life….but am where I need to be for a few more days).

How are all of you doing??  Happy Friday to all of you!!!!

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