I can’t say I’m particularly proud of my Photo A Day Challenge pic from today.  The prompt was “I wore this..”.  My outfit today was boring, I had one of those mornings where I thought my entire wardrobe is boring (note to self….go shopping), and any photo of me in a costume just made me look like a knob.  HA!  So I went with a boring picture of the bandage on my foot when I had surgery.  I did wear this bandage…and glad I did because my feet feel fine now, and I can go for lots of long walks again.

22 july 22 i wore this

Tomorrow’s prompt will be better!  I promise!!

My menu today was yogurt and a blueberry muffin for breakfast, sushi with my friend Sharon at lunchtime….


…and dinner was chicken on rice with salad.  Extras were: almond milk latte, blueberries, hummus and 1/2 pita.

I walked to work, didn’t walk at lunchtime, but came home the LOOOONG way so I got a bit of exercise.

While I walked, I “snapped” and will share….

I’m not sure if this is a mother crow and child, or if they are making little crows, but there was quite the noisy “dance” going on above me….



Birds weren’t the only things flying around today….



I saw this bird in a optician’s window….


…and this panda horn on a bike.  Cute! (honk!)


This pretty lantern was hanging on an awning….I like the colour….and wasn’t the “Green Lantern” a movie???


Let’s address the elephant in the room. (HA)  This concrete elephant is a new addition to our neighborhood….hmmm…..ok.


There was a 6-legged spider on his tusk….poor thing!


Eight legs on this one….


These words were written on a bus shelter….




Two car stickers….I think this one means “Neva on Board”  :)


…or maybe this guy rides in the car.  (Isn’t he a beauty??)


…and a hanging 10 Baby on Board.  (I’ve never seen this baby on board sticker before)


My official “artsiest of all fartsiest” picture in a while.  I held a dandelion up to the sun….this is how the photo turned out, I didn’t turn it to black and white manually.


And the random daily hearts…saw these in store/cafe windows….



…the last one is self explanatory…


It is SO late, so I’m going to hit publish and get to bed. (I was late getting home from work, then had dinner, then made a batch of strawberry jam and two batches of green juice)  Gotta love discounted seasonal produce to make this creations very affordable!  :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!