Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “basic”.  I posted this picture of a drinking fountain that I took in Victoria yesterday.  I think we often take the availability of basic, drinkable water for granted.

21 july 21 basic

I was back on the healthy train today.  :)  Breakfast was toasted Little Big Bread with mashed avocado, lunch was a kale salad with nutritional yeast, grapes, mango and light feta, and we had breakfast for dinner tonight (turkey sausage, scrambled eggs and toast).  Extras during the day were blueberries, greek yogurt before yoga, and an iced latte with almond milk.

I walked to work, walked to our community garden at lunchtime, walked to yoga after work, and did a relatively easy hatha yoga class tonight.  (glad it was a stretchy vs. a sweaty practice, because I’ve felt a bit wiped out all day…the stretch was perfect for today)

Here are some pictures from my outings….

Flowers with insects…



This one’s name is “Eileen”.  (I lean…HA!  groan…)



Two insects doing head stands on the flowers….



Takeoff!!!!  Fasten your seatbelts!  :)


Insects on leaves not blooms….

I have NO idea what this little bug is, but he is gorgeous, and I’ll be looking him up…


This moth was gorgeous too….


He flew off the leaf and landed on my boob while I was harvesting some lettuce.  I had a brooch!  :)  Maybe he was landing on my heart….and on the end of his wings, he has some random hearts of the day.


As the title says, I practiced snail whispering again today.  HA!  This poor little fella had quite the “ding” in his shell.  Guess he’s fallen off a leaf or two in his time.  (and he also pooped on my hand.  That was a first….and thank goodness I have access to a hose at our garden.  Guess that is a hazard of snail whispering.  LOL)



Speaking of the community garden, our beans are growing like CRAZY!!


This is “Maxi”.  Her owner stopped by to chat, and mentioned that one of Maxi’s favorite things is lettuce.  I asked if she’d like to give him a bit of mine, and she said (I kid you not) “not sure if he’ll like leaf lettuce, his favorites are iceberg and romaine”. (um..ok)  However, she gave it a go, and Maxi LOVED the lettuce.  He’s so cute…


This is a funky little shoot on one of our patty pan squash plants…


Yoda, the pug dressed as the Red Baron and his owner biked along the seawall….


And this fellow has a unique way of sitting on a park bench….he was reading.  Actually looks quite comfy!


I remember walking by this same woman doing yoga in the same spot last summer.  Nice place to practice yoga, but not sure I’d want to be a pretzel in public.  However, to each their own!


Three people, three trees….


A beautiful hydrangea, with no visible insects.  :)


Some birds that I passed by….





And finally, the day’s random hearts….

On the moth’s wings…


…I THINK this may be heart shaped bird poop (this is a first for me!)


And finally, beans in our garden being grown with love!


Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday everyone!!!!