Before I start today’s post, I just want to share a couple of extra pictures that I took on the beach walk with my Dad yesterday.  I’ve done a little “manipulation”…

I’ll call the first one, which was originally a rock with two “grooves” that had filled with water, “mwah”….


…and I may have an over active imagination, but I see the bust of Cleopatra in this leaf.  See the resemblance?  (and no, I was not drinking or smoking funny things when I took the picture)


I’ll share today’s Photo A Day Challenge shot too.  The prompt is “Chaotic”.  From my archives, this photo showed the chaos of a flock of pigeons taking off in front of me.

28 april 28 chaotic

Because I haven’t exploited Neva on social media for a few days, here she is….


And we move on…..

I went back to work today.  Life will slowly get back to normal for me.  April has been a true roller coaster of a month for me and my family.  For reasons you know here on the blog, and others I didn’t share, I’m happy to bid this month “buh bye” and move on to a bright May this Thursday.

But back to the work thing…. I have a “wall o’ inspiration” at my cubicle.  I pin inspirational words, funny cartoons, pictures of Dennis and Neva, just things that make me happy.  This is one of the “pins”, words from the late Jack Layton….


…my friend James “camped out” at my desk last week while I was away last week….omg, how hilarious, this is was I found on my wall this morning.  I love my friends!  (the “yoga for people who like wine is compliments of my other work friend Doris.  She’s hilarious too!)


I got back to my walks to and from work, and my lunchtime walkabout.  Here are a few shots…spring blossoms are still lovely, and the smell of the lilacs below?  Reminds me of my childhood.  One sniff, I’m transported to our home in Calgary that had a hedge of lilacs around the yard.





Beautiful (and watery) greenery (I admit, I’m a little in love with the first shot)….



Two random examples of “words to live by” (the second one takes a bit of “squinting” to see)…



I cropped out the “base” of this sign, but someone has been walking around the neighborhood sticking these signs in or beside the poop that wasn’t picked up.  I think we have a poop vigilante in our midst!


For no apparent reason, this pair of shoes was on the path.  (usually I see one shoe, never a pair)


Speaking of feet….heed this warning….


AT lunchtime, I went on the hunt for ducklings or goslings.  I saw neither, in fact, there were BARELY any ducks or geese to be seen.  And those I did see were a bit shy….


However, I did see a hawk/eagle (it was hard to see but majestic nonetheless)…


..a loud squawker (and I can’t remember what this is)….


..a cormorant….


..a goose that followed me.  It was actually a bit creepy, I wasn’t sure if he was wanting to shoo me away, or be my best friend….


and wow….this heron is GORGEOUS!


The heron provided foreground for a shot of the aquabus…


..and a different aquabus served as a background to the paddler.


The stone artists are back at it…


Brace yourself for the Bad Joke of the Day…..

“Why did the mushrooms get invited to all the parties?”

“Because they’re ‘fungis’!”


Please feel free to groan as you see fit!  :)

Here is the “hearts of the day gallery”.  The first one was a fluke…I was taking the mushroom shot above, and saw another fungi with a shadow in the shape of a heart…


A “man made” heart…wonder if B&K are still together.


..the heart in the clouds…


And the last courtesy of a bug who liked this leaf.




Groan again if you need be!  Have a great Tuesday everyone!!