Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “soft”.  I used a photo from my archives, I took it last April, and bet they were SUPER soft at the time.  Hopefully, it won’t be long before more fuzzy goslings are all over the city again, and we can watch them grow from these cute softies into to big brazen, honkin’, pooping geese.   Aww…well, sort of!

25 march 25 soft

Today’s menu collage was thanks to a free form collage option on  Breakfast was oatmeal with blackberries and banana, I had mango and green juice during the morning, lunch was kale salad (with sun dried tomatoes, light feta, dried apricots and pumpkin seeds), later in the afternoon I had a turkey pepperoni stick and some cucumber.  Dinner tonight was salmon topped with mayo and seeds, steamed green beans and butternut squash.  We ended up with a cup of pomegranate granita.


The granita was delicious.  I googled for a recipe and found this one at a site called Laylita’s Recipes.  


I did tweak the recipe a bit, I skipped the simple syrup because I think pomegranate juice is sweet enough for our tastes, I grated the rind of the limes and added along with the juice, and I didn’t measure the tequila, I just added a “slug”.   Thank you Laylita!  I’ve bookmarked the site and will DEFINITELY be going there for ceviche recipes when the weather gets a bit warmer.

Speaking of warmer, it was much warmer here today.  But, with the warmer weather came the rain.  Lots of rain!  I did go out for a walk at lunchtime, but had to stay under my umbrella the whole time.


That isn’t very colourful, nor was the sky or the rain, but the blooms that are around gave us little pops of colour….it was actually really nice to be out in the rain.  The air smelled really fresh.








Pretty even in silhouette….


…some petals are already falling off the trees, even though most of the trees aren’t in bloom just yet.


I walked down by our little community garden plot.  The garlic plants are getting taller, and are starting to bear a striking resemblance to the big waving inflatable men that are used to attract attention.  (thanks Google images)

waving arms

Joking aside, I like what one of our fellow gardeners has done to their raised bed.  Just some wood and chicken wire and the birds won’t pillage the plants, and there is slight protection from rogue frisbees and balls that could be thrown in the field beside the beds.   Hmm….worth looking into….


“Charlie Chaplin” walked by….not sure if this man was wearing a costume or just made a bold fashion statement.  Either way, he looked jaunty.


This goose was jaunty too.  (not really)

IMG_0265 2

And finally, thanks to the cute dog, the colourful umbrella and the lady’s red coat, this photo became much more vibrant that the scene looked in real life.


That is my Tuesday.  I’m off to prep for tomorrow and spend some quality time with Dennis and Neva.  Hope everyone’s week is going well, and may spring come to EVERYONE soon!!!