Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “Cropped”.  I cropped this picture of a horse that I took last spring.  Here’s lookin’ at you!  :)

19 march 19 cropped

Not to be “Betty Boaster” but I earned A LOT of activity points today.  I walked to work, walked at lunchtime, walked to yoga, did a sweaty power yoga class, then walked home from yoga.

And I also found a new (to me), free photo editing site,  There are all kinds of backgrounds for collages, so I tried this one today for my menu photos.  Breakfast was a smoothie made with almond milk, banana and frozen strawberries, I had green juice and strawberries during the morning, lunch was leftover ratatouille and a piece of soda bread (forgot to photograph the soda bread, whoops), some watermelon and when I got home tonight, I scrambled some eggs and had them with toasted Little Big Bread.

collage_photocat 1

And now, please come on my walks with me…..

It was raining on my way to work this morning, so it started out being “Wet Wednesday”….



…by lunchtime, the rain had stopped but the wind was blowing…so it was then “Windy Wednesday”….

This scarf was blowing in the wind….


…I’d like some grown up sized boots like this….


Action and signage in a dog park….



I LOVE this old character building….




After work, the wind was still blowing, it was chilly, but it was then “winter is gone tomorrow” Wednesday.  (It’s a stretch, I know…)

There were TONS of geese around….I’m thinking the goslings will be around soon.


..the pigeons are nesting….


..and robins were just giving me the stink eye.


There was quite a bit of activity around the paddling club….




Pretty clouds and boat with no paddles…


Not sure who/why hung this in a tree by a green space…..wonder if the tree was ‘wreath bombed’….




I really like the graphic on this banner…


..and I thought this little sign in one of the plots in our community garden was cute too…


Speaking of our garden, I walked by our little plot tonight on my way home from yoga.  DRUMROLL……TA DA!!!!!   The garlic we planted a couple of months ago has sprung!!!!


I KNOW!!!!!  I’M SO EXCITED!!!  YES…THAT IS IN CAPITAL LETTERS AND I’M YELLING!  (HA!)  Dennis and I are the proud farmers/parents of 10 bouncing baby garlic plants!


Maybe I should throw us a shower!!!  SO KIDDING!   But not kidding that I’m excited.  I’m already planning what will be planted next!  We will have to wait until it gets a bit warmer, but I see harvests in our future!

What else is exciting?  The fact that spring is officially arriving tomorrow.  This has been a nasty winter for so many of you…it is time for flowers, blossoms and green for us all!!!  Good Riddance Winter….see you later in the year!