Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “half”.  I took a few shots for the prompt today, but none of them really made the cut, so I pulled this picture of my half of the peanut butter and jelly doughnut I split with my friend Tracy last year.

24 february 24 half

Here is the day’s menu collage, which had no doughnuts….but had some toast with almond butter and a banana, some pineapple, a bento box lunch with leftover from picky dinner last night, some grapes and mango, and dinner tonight was a burger with leftover nugget potatoes (also from last night)


And hoo wee….I was a maverick in the kitchen when I got home from work tonight.  Besides tonight’s dinner, I made a batch of ratatouille, some baked rice, roasted carrots, parsnips and brussel sprouts, some green juice and a savory cauliflower cake from this month’s Eating Well.  You’ll see all of them (and the recipe) over the next couple of days.

Before that though, I had a work day.  And it was another snowy, slushy day too which made my walks to and from work, and my lunchtime walk a little slick.  Here are a few of the shots of my snowy travels….

..quirky neighbor lady with the toy covered car had a toy AND snow covered car this morning..


…a whole bunch of foliage with snow and slush….










…a snowy Seahawks antenna adornment (sorry Lori! :) )


…I walked by our raised bed in our community garden.  Crows were there too, checking out the boxes.



..happy dogs in the dog park, who were really FILTHY dogs because of the muck…


..speaking of muck, look what happened when I was navigating some mud to get a good picture.  I’m a dirty, filthy girl!  Ooops….but I must say, I was most graceful going down, and my camera didn’t get any dirt on it at all.  Can’t say the same for my coat, gloves, tights and skirt.  Oh well, they all needed washing anyway.  :)  And the only thing that hurt was my pride.

IMG_6536 pond in the snow…


…a well placed snowball…


…not a good day to lose a glove…


..a flaky bumper sticker.  I’m flaky these days myself…


Our home is a little higher elevation than my work area, so when I came home there was more snow on the ground.  Someone has made quite the snow shelter..


…an a couple of oddly shaped snowmen.  Or snowducks.  Or snow blobs….


…and finally, two lovely chocolate labs who were loving the snow.  I see them and their owner often.  Today, he offered me both dogs in trade for my camera.  HA!


I wouldn’t trade my camera for anything.  And truth be told, he wouldn’t trade his dogs either.  Funny!  How’s everyone’s week started off?