Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “This is where I relax”.  I pulled this photo out of last summer’s archives.  I love relaxing outside of the city in nature.  We’re so lucky to live close enough to places like this that escaping is easy – and we really need to get out more often!


We are back safe and sound from my parent’s place.  We had such a nice relaxing weekend, and hope we helped my Mom usher in her own personal new year.

This morning, we hung out at home with my folks.  I had some toast with peanut butter and honey (how “homey” is that?)…..


…then took a few shots of tiny little hummingbirds that LOVE my Dad’s feeder and some other little birds at another feeder.  (and yes, that is snow falling)


IMG_6409 2




I also zipped out and did a little grocery shopping for us, and because I’m a child, I had to take a photo of this British dessert.  My parents are from England, and my Dad has often spoken of Spotted Dick.  Safe to say too, my Dad hasn’t HAD spotted dick himself for many decades.  :)


This antenna sun caught my eye, I was hoping to get the falling snow in the background, but damn, the light wasn’t right.


Our lunch plans changed, so we had turkey sandwiches and salads at home…


…then it was time to get back on the ferry and come home.  As you can see from these next couple of shots, it was a snowy, yucky crossing…



…and the snow was sticking when we got back to the mainland.  (the roads were fine though, it wasn’t a hazard driving)





As we often do when we get back from Victoria, we just had picky dinner tonight.  It was some steamed nugget potatoes with tzatsiki, turkey sausage, deviled egg, leftover turkey meatloaf, roasted vegetable dip, pickles, mango and grapes.


Now, I’m off to pick at dinner, watch the end of the Olympics, and the start of the Amazing Race.  Have a wonderful last week of February everyone!!!  Spring is coming!!!