Before I say something about today’s title….

Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “Peace”.  I went with this picture from last summer of a woman finding her peace in the middle of the city.  Namaste.

20 february 20 peace

On to more important things….today is my Mom’s Birthday!  And it’s a biggie!!! She’s 40!!!!  Happy 40th Mom!!!! :)


We’re looking forward to celebrating in person on the weekend!!!!!



Here is today’s menu collage.  Breakfast was a weight watchers bagel with light swiss, lunch was unattractive yet delicious; Indian Saag with Paneer and a mini naan, I had a little piece of birthday cake at work today, my Mom isn’t the only one with a birthday today (though she is by far the most important person!!) and dinner tonight was rotisserie chicken with salads, cranberry and a whole wheat bun.


Before work, I met with Michelle and her famous finger for our regular pre-work coffee.  Neither of us had coffee (since I was sick, I just can’t stomach it.  Weird!), so technically it was a pre-work tea.  Thumbs up to getting together!!


I’ll just share a few photos from a brief lunchtime walk, and we’ll call it a night.   Please disregard the power lines and ooh and aah at the snow on the local mountains.  It was really pretty, and proof that we’re still in winter.


I made a new friend.  He’s super cute, friendly and fluffy.  AWWW!!!


Here are a couple of signs made by a furniture maker…


I passed a couple of lovely churches.  The first one is a Ukrainian Church that has a $5.00 perogie dinner night on March 7th.  We may have to go!




One of the churches has this little “Healing Garden”.  I’d never seen it before, but they grow vegetables that are used in their soup kitchen.  Love this idea!!!

healing garden

There were little pops of early spring colour….


…and a very cute kitty who popped his head out the window as I walked by.  AWW!


What a strange tree….


I love the way the shadows fell on the house….


This little bird was VERY chatty (you can see his little throat all fluffed up).


A couple of planters. I’ll have to walk by the bike at some point, because it has little lights on it.  Ohhh…



Something was being filmed by the big rusty torsos….


And finally, this man must be in a race….and he has a leg up on his competition.


GROAN!!!  That is a terrible joke!  Sorry!  :)  I’m off to bed…and yay for Friday!  Anyone have any plans for the upcoming weekend?