Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “Feet”.  I wanted to post something a little different than many of the feet shots, so found this picture from last summer.  The little girl on the right was fascinated with the buskers bell ringing feet, and bonus, she’s sitting in front of a whole lotta feet too.

19 february 19 feet

Menu rundown, then a few shots from the day.  Speaking of menus, obviously the last couple of weeks have been completely out of whack food wise.  But even before that, I feel like I’ve been on “kitchen autopilot”.  I’ve lost my cooking mojo.  We’re away for the weekend, but next week, I plan on starting to rekindle my love for the kitchen.  That love has waned of late, so for inspiration, I have a backlog of cooking magazines to go through, and will plan some delicious and healthy meals for us.  I look forward to sharing some of the recipes with you!

Today though, I had a weight watcher’s bagel with light swiss for breakfast.  Lunch was a bun with turkey, mayo, mustard, chutney and another piece of swiss cheese.  I also had a banana, some applesauce and the thing that looks like a snotty kleenex is actually a few teabags.  (charming!)  Dennis and I split a guava kombucha when I got home from work, and dinner tonight is basically the same as last night – my thrown together seafood pasta casserole.


Today, I had aspirations of returning to power yoga.  However, I went for my walk at lunchtime, and that zapped my energy.  I guess I’m not as close to normal as I thought and decided that the walk to yoga then the intense class was likely a bit ambitious after the illnesses of the last couple of weeks.   I’m missing my namaste class very much though, so next week, I’ll be there with bells on.  Several times I hope! :)

With that said, here are some interesting (well, I hope they are interesting) photos from today.  With tongue firmly planted in cheek, the first section of shots is the “I found all kinds of things that really didn’t “belong” today”….here is a slurpee waiting for a train…


…a Vancouver parking meter, no change needed….


…a shopping cart that ran away…..


…a glove in a bike lane…..


…a polar bear “guarding” a tree….


and a deserted child’s umbrella with a very wise handle….


The bird above COULD have been in the next section of photos.  We’ll call it “the avian gallery”.  Here is a very tame robin…


….a bunch of seagulls all flying quickly above my head…..



…because the “feeding lady” had arrived.


There are going to be a lot of babies this spring, these ducks were frisky (get a room! :) )….


…this duck is diver duck, who was just surfacing in this shot…


…and the avian final, Russell Crowe.


The next section is “urbancapes” (I made that word up):






This section is “Broken Canadiana”, a broken umbrella and a broken chair, both adorned in their finest red and white.  The umbrella probably isn’t fixable, but there is hope for the chair, eh! :)



This section is entitled “Woof for the camera” (love the symmetry of the terrier’s face.  AWW):



This section is called “our quirky sand sculpting neighbor is at it again”.  I’ll keep you posted as to what “part 2” which is under construction becomes.



The next section is “It’s all about me”.  Part 1, “can you see me now?”….


…Part 2, “can you see me NOW?”…..


Part 3, “NOW you can see me!”.


And finally, the “Neva, we are VERY disappointed in you, young lady!!!  Stop spray painting on walls!” shot.


Yup, tongue planted firmly in cheek!  Off to watch some Olympic action.  Have a wonderful day all!!