Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “Vegetable”.  I used this picture that was taken at the winter farmer’s market several weeks ago.

17 february 17 vegetable

VERY happy to report that Dennis and I have both turned the corner, and though neither of us are at 100%, we’re heading in the right direction.  Norovirus?  You are no longer welcome in our home….go away, and never come back again!   I have spoken!

I took a bunch of “flu food” with me to work today, because I was a little concerned that things weren’t quite right.  However, by later this afternoon, appetites are coming back, and things other than bland crackers, rice, applesauce, bananas and tea seemed appealing.


I took a very shortened walk at lunchtime, it was a really nice day and I was needing some fresh air.   Here are a few shots from the walk….

I saw some signs of spring.  So funny, there were about 4 people all crowding around the crocus’, taking photos and saying how exciting they are.  It’s the little things, and you’d think  we’d never seen crocus’ before in our lives….




…and there was the usual bird activity…..





I liked the way the duck crossing the sail reflections looked….


I met this lovely poodle named Sadie, and her owner Ellie.  Sadie was SOOOO friendly and happy.  Dogs are such a mood booster, aren’t they?


City shots…..




…then I found a little leftover Christmas, and went back to work.


I walked home via City Hall tonight, and took a couple of shots there too.


It struck me that this statue of Captain Vancouver struck the same pose as the Evil Monkey from Family Guy.  I’d probably be evil too if my head was covered in bird poop.

evil captain vancouver

The flags were flying in full splendor.  If you look VERY closely at the first shot, you’ll see a plane.  And if you look VERY VERY closely at the second one….you’ll see a Canadian Flag.  I KNOW…not easy…but it’s there.  :)



Can’t lie, I am EXHAUSTED, so I’m going to put my feet up, relax and get to bed early.  Hope everyone’s week has started out well.