It is a very good thing I have lots of older pictures that are easily accessible.  I haven’t taken a Photo A Day on the ACTUAL day in almost a week now.  Oh well….  Today’s prompt is “Create”.  I pulled this photo out of my archives, it was taken at a European Festival we went to last year.  These hands are creating a beautiful Russian Painted Egg.

16 feb 16 create

Happy to report that it looks like Dennis and I have both finally turned the corner and are on the mend.  That said, we’re definitely not 100%, but yay for feeling better.  While I was looking at clouds roll over the city from our deck, I took a few shots…

IMG_5773 1




I went out for more ginger ale/groceries again today (note to any potential investors:  stocks in the Canada Dry company may have gone up over the last few days, however, no need to buy quickly any more, consumption will dramatically decrease from here on in.  :) ).

While I was out, I walked the couple of blocks from the grocery store to the pet food store (Neva?  Do we have to do EVERYTHING for you??  HA!).  It wore me out (sigh.  Guess it’ll take a few more days to have my walking mojo back) but I did get a few interesting photos.

This is outside of the Easter Seal House.  These eagles, bears and whales were all part of various public art projects to raise money for various charities, and some folks bought these and donated them for the families of sick kids to enjoy while they are staying there.




…I also walked by a cleaner/alteration place.  I thought the threads looked interesting (but remember, I’ve been a little house bound for a few days.  :) )



There were some interesting patterns on/by trees….





And finally…I crossed a road to a median to get a shot of these pretty signs of spring.  (glad they’ve recovered from the deep freeze of a couple of weeks ago)



Onward to a new work week.  Have a good week all!