I realized something today.  That if one (me) takes the maximum dosage of tylenol in one day (I’ve had one of those nagging headaches today that is dulled by meds, but never quite goes away) one (me) has the attention span of a very very unattentive gnat.  Which also makes me realize I should double check a couple of documents I worked on today – hey, shiney things – before they are sent off tomorrow.

As a result, I’m late posting tonight.  A couple of my distractions over the last couple of hours were Words With Friends and the greatest time suck of all, Pinterest.  I’ll share a couple of the (over exaggeration alert) zillion things that caught my eye.  And the second one?  I do that…..

I love the joy in this picture!


We move on to the day….fairly quickly because I’ve fluffed around for almost 2 hours and its pretty much time to get to bed.

My breakfast this morning was two pieces of Little Big Bread with 2 tbsp light cream cheese and 1/4 avocado.


After breakfast, I went and had my usual pre-work coffee with Michelle and her famous hand.  Today, the hand was busy with a sudoku before I got there.


During the morning, I had a cup of blueberries and 1/2 slice of the low fat banana bread that I made a few days ago.


PHOTOBOMB!!!!  Thank you Neva.


My friend Andrea came and had lunch with me.  Andrea and I have been friends over 30 years – and we both have recently acquired new smart phones….AND we’ve both recently acquired reading glasses so we can actually see what we’re doing.   Helllooooo middle age!  :)

We went for sushi, I had the lunch special, miso soup, edamame, tuna sashimi and a spicy tuna roll.  I could eat Japanese food every day!





I had a few grapes during the afternoon.


We had “Breakfast for Dinner” tonight, turkey sausages, toasted Little Big Bread and scrambled eggs with hot sauce.


So that was Wednesday.  Now, I can publish and get back to Pinterest!  Kidding…no more Pinterest, I think I need to go cold turkey for tonight.  And distract myself with something else…