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Before I start today’s post….BIG Happy Birthday to our good friend Alan!  My gift to him will be to relieve him of the monkey trophy he is currently holding from the last Alan/Janice vs Roz/Dennis “throwdown” VERY soon!  The gauntlet has been thrown Birthday Boy!  Bring it on!  :)

And I apologize for the boring title of today’s post.  I had “title block”.

Happy COLD COLD Sunday in Vancouver.  Cold, but lovely!  I went for an early morning walk this morning with my camera, and these gloves that I found in a thrift store the other day.


Big deal….a pair of gloves.  But they’re actually “texting gloves”.  Ta Da!


I’m not one to text and walk at the same time, never have been, never will, but these came in really handy while I was playing around with camera settings this morning.  Here are just a few of the many shots I took.




After the walk, I came home and made a Sunday breakfast of a piece of bacon, scrambled eggs with vegetables (peppers, onion, spinach), Little Big Bread (with unphotographed blackberry jam) and some orange slices.  Also, we had almond milk lattes.



After that, Dennis and I went out running errands, and doing some bookshelf shopping. (Isn’t that exciting???  I KNOW!!!  :) ) .  This dog in the car in front of us was SOOOO cute!  AWWW.


We ended up about half an hour out of the city in New Westminster, by the Fraser River.  We had a really late lunch in a little pub.  I had a “virgin caesar” (Clamato juice) and a lean buffalo burger with salad.  (and a deep fried pickle on top.  Deep fried pickle??? It was good actually – I have no idea how many weight watchers points it would be, I guessed two?)



We took a VERY brisk, slippery walk along the river after lunch.  Here are a few shots of that too.





The sun was hitting the snow on the mountains perfectly!  In a word...WOW!  And this photo doesn't do the view justice.  Not even close....

The sun was hitting the snow on the mountains perfectly! In a word…WOW! And this photo doesn’t do the view justice. Not even close….

Dennis doing his best "Graffiti Gangsta" imitation!  Yo!

Dennis doing his best “Graffiti Gangsta” imitation! Yo!

The graphics on and in the washrooms cracked me up.  I don’t usually include photos taken in public washrooms…but couldn’t resist.




Dennis by the “World’s Largest Tin Soldier”.


Once we got home, I got to work doing some Sunday cooking in preparation for the week.  Recipes and photos will follow, but in a nutshell I made Low Fat Banana Bread, Thai chicken meatloaf (based on a weight watchers recipe), roasted spiced butternut squash, yam/carrot/tomato/lentil soup and I got a batch of kale chips drying in the dehyhrator.  I was a whisking, chopping and stirring whirlwind!  HA!  Not really…

As she does, before I made the soup Neva took the pan for a test sit.  It passed.


We had lunch REALLY late, so had a very light supper tonight.  It was a cup of the soup I made (in the washed out pan above).  I didn’t actually follow a recipe, so I can’t give specific measurements but I softened onion, garlic, ginger and about 1 tbsp curry powder in about 2 tsp olive oil, added two chopped carrots, 1 yam and about a cup of red lentils.  I then poured a carton of vegetable broth and a couple of cups of water in, added a small can of crushed tomatoes…let it simmer until all was soften, then mashed it with a potato masher.   I also had a toasted sandwich thin with 2 light Laughing cow wedges, sliced cherry tomatoes and balsamic reduction.


Sadly, that’s it for the weekend already.  I’m going to watch the end of the Golden Globes and call it a night.  Back tomorrow….

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