My day started with a walk in the sunshine with my friend Melisa to our weight watchers meeting.  As expected, the scale was up, but it wasn’t up as much as I’d expected, so I’m considering it a pseudo win, and we move forward.  Back to tracking!

On the way home, we passed a bench that had been yarn bombed.


There was a tag attached, to a site based in Toledo Ohio.


If you love yarn bombs, this is a site you’ll want to visit, people are very creative!  (sure enough, the Vancouver bench appears on the site too – how the Toledo folks and the local “bombers” connected?  Well, adds to the mystery… )

When I got back from our meeting and a stop for a coffee, I had an english muffin with 1/2 tbsp almond butter (the last in a jar) and 1/2 tbsp peanut butter.  As you can see, I also had a “smiling” banana….


…and a little glass of apple juice with vinegar.


I went to run a bunch of errands, and passed by this house.  Um…maybe its been “mushroom bombed”.  These are made of styrofoam.  Very creative – maybe it was part of a holiday display?  Or maybe gnomes live here!!



I also found a construction site that had been “poodle bombed”.  I have NO idea what is being built in front of a bank, and why the giant poodle is there.



I then had the best errand of all, a haircut.  Thanks for “Sassifying me” Patty!!

When I got home, I had a 1/4 cup hummus with a sandwich thin cut into triangles, and a smoothie made with almond milk, banana and a blend of frozen fruit made from mango, peaches and strawberries.



Later on, I had some kale chips. (that had nutritional yeast and asiago/pepper popcorn seasoning sprinkled on top)


We had “Saturday night at home” date night.  I made salmon with orange/chipotle sauce that I found today….


…served with cauliflower mash and steamed green beans.


I also found this seasonal spiced cordial on serious clearance today, so had a tbsp stirred into sparkling water.


Now, Neva has “basket bombed”….


…and Dennis and I are going to “couch bomb” and call it a night.   More tomorrow…