Holy smokes….I haven’t been this glad it’s Friday for a LONG, LONG time.  Buh bye work week…helllooooo weekend!!!!

Needless to say, I haven’t had the greatest week at work, but we move forward.  And we move on to stepping-on at weight watchers tomorrow.  Bring that on too!!  It’s a fresh start on many, many levels.

I had a fresh start this morning with some oatmeal with sugar-free syrup, almond milk, a banana and a few pecans.


I had a hard-boiled egg during the morning.  The orange in this photo?  Still sitting on my desk.  Guess I’ll have it next week.


I had lunch with my friend Sally today.  I’d like to say we SPLIT the flatbread with goat cheese, garlic and fig/cranberry jams.  Sally had a piece or two, I killed the rest!


I also had a bowl of mushroom soup.


After work, Dennis and I toasted the weekend and putting the week behind us with a glass of wine.  Mine was the white.


Dennis went to a meeting/hoopla today that had a mardi gras theme, and he brought home some “souvenirs”.  We are posing in this photo not only with the feathery masks, but our Asian friends, “Mr. and Mrs. Chin”.  HA!  (it’s the angle of the heads…)


We threw together a quick dinner with some burgers on sandwich thins (with light mayo, relish, bbq sauce and mustard) and some oven yam “fries” (that I cooked just a bit too long.  whoops!)


Now, I may pour a second glass of wine, put my feet up and get a bit of R&R.  My guilty Friday night pleasure “Say Yes to the Dress” is calling. (I know I’ve said this before, but I wish Randy had come wedding dress shopping with me. :) )

Your turn, whats on the agenda for the weekend?