Dear 2013,

I’m a little pissed off at you.  You have been here for a mere ten days, and in that time you’ve given me a whopping cold which has made me feel like (and frankly, look like) crap, and today, you presented me a crushing personal disappointment. (nothing earth shattering, just something I was hoping pretty hard for didn’t come to fruition – and I feel sad.  That said, I’ll get over it…soon I’m still a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”.)

I am willing to overlook these, and continue to be optimistic that you will in fact come around and make this a STELLAR year.   I expect that you’ll bring health and happiness to my family and friends, more laughter and light than tears and darkness, and more good news than bad.

So let’s have a “do over” of the new year.  Today is “new” day 1…. I look forward to what lies ahead.

Yours in anticipation,


Ok….got that off my chest.  Here is a quick menu recap of the day.

Breakfast was a bento box with a banana, frozen berries, greek yogurt, granola and dried cranberries.


I had a hard-boiled egg during the morning.


I had a very last minute sushi lunch with my friend Melisa. (little hint…if you’re in a Canadian Weight Watchers meeting soon, keep your eyes peeled for her name (Melisa with one “l”….you’ll see why!)  I had miso soup, a spicy tuna roll and a vegetable roll.  Thanks for lunch M!!!



Dennis was late tonight, and brought home dinner with him.  My favorite mini tacos from La Taqueria.  (one beef, one chicken, one pork and one veg) Thanks Dennis.  Ole.


Ok…pity party over.  Time to dust myself off and do the happy dance for Friday.  More then…