Thanks to all for your “feel better” wishes, comments and emails.  I appreciated them all!!

And I was better today than yesterday.  I went to work, lasted the whole day, but wow…I am WIPED OUT!  Not only am I generally wiped, my poor over-wiped and copiously blown nose is BRIGHT red.  I look like THIS!  (thank you google images)

Which has made me most alluring to the men, and maybe even some of the women I work with.  Yup…I’m a hottie!!!  NOTTIE!! :) Resist me if you can!   HA!

On that silly note, here is the day’s menu recap, then I’m off to put my pajamas on and get some rest.

Breakfast was a piece of utane bread with 1 tbsp (if that) of light cream cheese.


During the morning, I had some berries, 1/4 cup greek yogurt and 2 tbsp gingerbread granola (aka: crack in a bag)


Lunch was a salad with spinach, beets, orange, fat-free feta from Trader Joe’s, a few pecans and some herb dressing.


I was still a little hungry and I wanted something warm, so went and got a container of vegetable soup.


Later this afternoon I had an apple.


Dinner was leftover healthy chicken Parmesan on whole wheat spaghetti from the freezer. (that I served on some wilted spinach)


Now, I’m off to make some soup from one of the kits we got for Christmas (thanks Mi and G!), get ready for tomorrow, put my feet up……


….and attempt to turn down the red light that is my nose!  :)  Bring on Wednesday!  And Penatin ointment.