Today’s post is arguably going to be one of the most boring posts in a LONG LONG time.  I stayed home from work today, ’cause I’m sick as a dog.

SOOO…as I sometimes do when the days are uneventful, I’ll embellish the day’s menu and events so you don’t fall asleep from start to finish.

I woke up this morning more stuffed up than ever, so put a garden hose up my nostrils and let ‘er rip.  Didn’t help much, so I called in sick and hunkered down for the day.

My appetite is ok though (funny that) so I put together a “picky” breakfast with a piece of Little Big Bread with light cream cheese and a bit of smoked salmon from our care package.  The little piece of quiche and leftover fruit was also from the brunch package.  I had an almond milk latte in a mug I turned on a pottery wheel then glazed myself.


During the morning, Anderson Cooper made me tea which I had with a little piece of my low-fat banana bread.  I also tried the garden hose up the nostril trick again, still didn’t work. 


Lunch time rolled around and I had some turkey soup from the freezer and a few saltines.  I then spent FAR too long trolling around Pinterest, where I got the idea to weave Neva’s castoff fur into yarn and whip up an eternity scarf before Dennis gets home.


Felt a bit bored this afternoon, which I saw as a good sign that I was getting better.  To alleviate boredom, I plucked a few stray billy goat hairs that are popping up on my chin.  (I WISH I was joking about that! :) However, my chin is now lovely and smooth!)

Dinner was a baked pork tenderloin with a sauce made with fridge odds and ends (plum sauce, peach jam, soy sauce, hot sauce),  brown rice and some brussels sprouts (roasted with olive oil, balsamic, raisins, and sun-dried tomatoes).


Pretty sure I’ll be back to work tomorrow. And hopefully I’ll have something interesting to report so I don’t have to make things up again.  :) More then….