Happy to report that I’m MUCH MUCH less whiny and miserable today.  I am however, VERY VERY “full of cold”.  At one point, I came up with an idea that could make a zillion dollars….nasal tampons!  I could sure have used them today ’cause my nose is running like a faucet.

Sadly, the cold kept me from attending our friends Tom and Clint’s annual “post-Christmas brunch”.  Dennis went on his own, and delivered these little low-fat banana breads.  (I made them yesterday but couldn’t show you then ’cause some recipients read here and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise) He came home with a boatload of leftovers for us though, so you’ll see those soon.  Thanks Guys, sorry I missed the party!


My breakfast today was two pieces of Little Big Bread with light cream cheese and 1/4 avocado.


I also had a piece of the banana bread myself.


Dr. Neva kept me company while I slothed on the couch.  (she looks like a pillow with a pulse from this angle)


I had a strange craving for lunch, I had a microwaved yam with tzatsiki.  (weird! but just what I wanted)


We had leftover muligatawny soup for dinner.  We also had some bits and pieces from the brunch “care package”. (there were quiches, prosciutto, little potatoes, sausage and cheese)  Thanks Clint And Tom.



That’s a wrap for the weekend.  On to the first full work week of 2013.