I’m not proud to admit this, but sometimes when I’m around someone who has a cold, and they’re sniffling, coughing and whining I think to myself “oh shut up and stop being over-dramatic”.  (yup, I have an unsympathetic inner bitch living inside me sometimes)  Well, guess what?

Today, I became one of those people who sniffled, coughed, whined and generally felt sorry for herself.  In other words, I’ve become my own “under the weather” worst nightmare!

“Oh, the humanity!!!

I have a cold!!!! Woe is me!!!!”  As such, I’d like to use this public forum to officially apologize to my husband, and anyone else who wanted to smack me up the side of the head as I went about my business today.

Because I woke up feeling pretty rough (and I’m a whiney-ass baby today) , I didn’t go to weight watchers.  I did however, weigh myself here at home (not quite as scary as I’d imagined actually) and dusted off the brand new Weight Watchers tracker that I bought a couple of weeks ago.


Our day started out with some scrambled eggs, toasted Little Big Bread an orange and an almond milk latte.


I also had this little pack of apple juice with vinegar from our favorite Asian store.  Apparently it’s good for digestive issues and general wellbeing.  Truth be told, I’m not sold on that, but it tastes really good and is only 30 calories (1 point).


That was followed by flopping around on the couch, attempting without success to win a couple of the many concurrent Words With Friends games I’m playing, reading this month’s Cooking Light Magazine, taking photos of Neva doing a fantastic T-Rex imitation as well as funky cloud patterns out of our living room window.



Our friends Lindi and Jeff gave us a “Muligatawny Soup kit” for Christmas, so I made that and had soup and crackers for lunch.



Prior to cooking it, Neva yet again assisted in choosing a pan to cook it in.  (an ensured the pan was washed)


Later in the day, I had some kale chips.


Dinner tonight was some whole wheat ravioli (from Bosa) with spinach, some tomato sauce and 1 tbsp sun-dried tomato pesto.


We’re now going to watch a movie and call it an early night.  I’m very hopeful that I’m feeling more myself tomorrow.  Dennis is very hopeful too…  :)