Just a quick post today, I’ll give a quick menu recap, then get a “leg up” on the weekend….


Thank you Neva!  :)

Breakfast this morning was a cup of tea with two pieces of Little Big Bread, 1 tbsp light cream cheese and 1/4 avocado.


During the morning, I had an apple.


Here is the first “New to me Food Find” of the day, Trader Joe’s spicy seaweed salad. (that we bought when we cross border shopped last month)


It is dried seaweed that you rehydrate….


…then toss with spicy sauce (included in the package).  I topped it with some sesame seeds I had on hand.


The verdict?  Pretty good.  Do I need to race to the border and stock up?  No.  But I’m glad I gave it a go.  I also had a cup of turkey soup and a few crackers.


My afternoon snack was kale chips misted with olive oil and sprinkled with my OTHER “New To Me Food Find” – asiago/cracked pepper popcorn seasoning.



And dinner tonight was leftover blue menu lasagna from a couple of nights ago topped with a little sun-dried tomato pesto.  (tasted better than it looked in the photo)


I officially have a cold, so am now going to make a big pot of tea and crash.  I am planning on stepping on the scale and weight watchers in the morning.  May not be pretty, but I’ll report back on that tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!