WELCOME 2013!!!!!!  Bring on the fresh start, the normal routine and the goals and resolutions that come with a new year.

I went and visited Helen this afternoon, and got an idea on my way home.  I took photos of houses’ numbers, cropped the photos, came home and played with Picassa and voila….my art shot for the new year!


Helen, if you hear gossip in the ‘hood of a crazed woman in a black cape taking photos of gates and doors…well, it was me!!!  :)

Other than that, we’ve “un-decked” our halls today, the holiday decorations are down and we’re facing the new year with our home back to normal.  (thank you google for the picture of the tree storage bag)

Before I started un decorating and terrorizing houses’ numbers today, I had some little big bread, apple butter and a banana, as well as an almond milk latte.  (Thank you Neva for the photobomb in the breakfast shot)



Dennis and I had some cheese and crackers and a glass of white wine later in the afternoon.


And dinner tonight was blue menu lasagna with salad.


Well, its been a nice break, but I have to get back to work tomorrow, so better get lunches made, clothes out and get set to get back to normal.  Hope all of you have had a good 1st day of 2013, and that the good keeps on going for the whole year!!