I had HUGE plans for my day today…..I don’t go back to work until next Wednesday, but I was going to clean our badly neglected home (we left for Victoria in a whirlwind), pick a bunch of healthy recipes to make over the next few days, shop for vegetables and fruit, go and take a bunch of pictures and generally be productive.

I did NONE of that.  I woke up with a thumping headache, went back to bed, felt MUCH better when I woke up again, but spent the day slothing around on the couch, reading magazines, catching up on repeats of Anderson Cooper….energy level was low, production value VERY low, but I’m thinking my body needed a rest, so in that case, mission accomplished!

I do have to share something I found when I was trolling on Pinterest. This cracked me up. Pinterest is SUCH a time suck.

I have big plans for getting back to healthy, point friendly eating VERY soon.  But today, lazy took over…all I had before we went out tonight was some toast with the last jar of apple butter that I made months ago, and some hummus and crackers.   I PROMISE more interesting menu shots and recipes will return soon!



Later in the day, I got it together and we went to our good friends Lindi and Jeff’s place for dinner tonight.  Regular readers have seen photos of Lindi and Jeff before.  I took a couple of photos of them tonight, but I love our friends, and refuse to post unflattering shots of them.  (lets just say, eyes were closed, and I caught them “mid word”)  Google images however, can always come to my rescue to provide an artist’s rendition” of Lindi and Jeff.  Voila!  :)

I did get a couple of pictures of their cute kids, Aaron and Ben – who demonstrated their tai quon do skills.  AWWW!  (truth be told, there was very little “combat”, it was just a bit of gentle, glove to glove shovin’, a whole lot of laughing, and a bunch of “Auntie Roz, look at me”).



We adults toasted the end of 2012 with some white wine….


….and snacked on some olives, herb goat cheese, fig jam and crackers….


…dinner was chestnut filled pasta with tomato sauce and roasted asparagus, with salad…



…and we had some mini cupcakes and cookies with coffee for dessert.


It was so nice to spend the evening with our buddies!!!  Thanks Lindi and Jeff!