In the last 24 hours, I realized something about myself (that I knew all along, just didn’t think too much about it)  I am a hugger!  And people seem to hug me in return. (thanks google images!)

Today was not only my last day of work this year, so I hugged several of my colleagues for the holidays, it is THREE of my friend’s birthdays today (Happy Birthday Kathy, Caroline and Jane) and  birthday hugs were given out freely to all attendees at Kathy’s party last night, I was hugged by a familiar barista in Starbucks who said it was really nice to serve me (aww), of course I hugged my husband and we had dinner with friends tonight where the hugs flowed like wine. (more on that in a bit)

I haven’t always has such open arms, but I’m glad I’ve evolved to the point of giving and getting warm gestures from people I care about, or those who just make my days better.   So for the holidays and beyond, lets all HUG IT OUT!    For me, it feels good to give and get ’em.

Hmm…..I’m going to be rebranding this blog in 2013, maybe it should be called weightingforhugs.  Not…  However, if it was Neva’s blog, it could be called hugyourcarrot.


Enough hug talk, here is the day’s recap.  Breakfast this morning was a mini bagel with light cream cheese (and a Santa whose eyes are hidden)


And on my frosty walk to work, I saw this frozen (but thawing) puddle and thought the pattern of the ice was really interesting.


Lunch was yet another “clear out the fridge” lunches.  It was light swiss cheese, triscuits, grapes, olives and mini oranges.


This afternoon, I had two little Christmas cookies, and didn’t take photos.  They looked KINDA like this….thank you google images.

We had dinner over at our friends Sharon and Gino’s place tonight.  Sharon is my fellow Warrior Dasher.   Tonight we worked out our upper body by toasting with red wine.


We started out with cheese and crackers.


Dinner was an amazing feast of beef, polenta, brussel sprouts, squash with spinach and salad.


And dessert was biscotti, panna cotta, and fruit and pound cake with melted chocolate.  I had one of the panna cottas, but was too full to sample the rest.  Dennis did though, and he gave it all a hearty “thumbs up”.


Here are the group, Dennis, Brian, Gino, Sharon and Tina.  Brian and Tina are friends of Sharon and Gino’s….we’d never met them before but they’re so fun, we look forward to seeing them again!


Thanks for such a lovely night Sharon and Gino, hugs to you.  Your turn….are you a hugger?