I’ll give you a little background before I introduce you to today’s new mascot.  I was at a garage sale last summer, and bought a ziploc bag full of Christmas ornaments/figurines etc. marked “vintage Christmas” for $1.00.  I pulled it out this morning thinking I’d find a couple of cute mascots amongst the clutter.  Sure enough I did….here is today’s new mascot.


So as I say in my title, I’m just going to just subtly address the elephant in the room and we’ll move on.  MAYBE it’s his paint job, but I think he was a tree ornament who has lost his little hook….and when we was on a tree, I’m sure he was very well hung.  I’m so glad he was in the package that I bought.  I’m going to name him “Mr. Johnson”.  Yeah, I went there.  How could I not??

And his arms are pose able too.


Neva played with him as much as I did.   Poor Mr. Johnson.


Mr. Johnson posed with my smoothie that I had for breakfast, made with almond milk, banana, frozen blueberries and some hemp protein.


Lunch was some leftover lentil soup that we had in the freezer, a bagel thin and two slices of light cheddar from Trader Joe’s.


Later in the afternoon, I had a honeycrisp apple.


I had dinner over at my friend Suz’s place tonight.  Suz is a little shy and doesn’t like having her photo taken, so I’ll give you an artist’s rendition of her.  I assure you though, she’s prettier than this in real life.


Speaking of pretty, this is Suz’s kitty Sootie.  I’m not sure if Sootie likes me, she gave me a bit of “cattitude”.  But despite that, I love her and she’s very very cute and spunky.  I couldn’t decide between the two photos below, so will post them both.



My buddy Suz is FAMOUS for her martinis.  Thanks for shakin’ tonight Suz.



Great napkins.


We had little crackers for bar snacks.


Dinner was a big salad and some rotisserie chicken (aka: cheater chicken).  Mr. Johnson joined us.


And we finished off with some little Lindor truffles.


Thanks for a lovely evening Suz.  And Sootie…I WILL win you over.  :)  You’ll learn to love me!

So glad the weekend is finally here.  Hopefully there is fun and festive times for all over the next couple of days!