Holy smokes, it’s been an odd kind of “google search” week for weightingfor50.  Here are a few search terms that landed readers on this site in the last 7 days:

  • Carrot Foot
  • Crabby Lady
  • Yellow fungus brain
  • Disastrous squirrel feeding
  • Birthday Fairy Bitch
  • Rude use of carrot
  • Snoopy Poop
  • Spiderweb hot pepper

and my favorite…..

  • Hilarious constipation

We move on….

Hard to believe autumn is here!   Poor “Mr. Hosta” on my deck is looking very “autumnal”.

Dennis and I had some plans for the day, but were both VERY low energy this morning, so we postponed the plans and slept in.  We also decided to have a “run a couple of quick errands, then spend the day at home” day.  YAY!!  When we eventually got going, we made turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and sliced tomatoes (from Clint’s garden).

I decided to get cracking with Alison’s tomato press and Clint’s tomatoes.

As I mentioned, all of the instructions for the tomato press are in Italian.  We got it working, but STILL have no idea what the little beige “disk” is for.

I roasted the tomatoes for a while to soften them up a bit.

FUN!!!!!!!  Gadgets are FUN!!!!!  (and WOW….does this thing EVER press the pulp out!)

Voila, 7 jars of unseasoned tomato sauce.

Dennis wrote the “Tomato Sauce Song” and Neva helped.  silly…

I then used Clint’s basil to make a batch of “lower fat” pesto.  (I cut down on the oil, upped the lemon juice.  I also used walnuts instead of pine nuts and cut the quantity of the nuts by half)

And voila….little 1/2 cup jars of pesto.  These are in the freezer “as we speak”.

There was no “pesto” song, but I Neva was in the thick of things.  This is her at my feet during the process.

Afterward, Dennis and I split a pumpkin beer (livin’ on the edge…) and had a bit of asiago cheese and some lean prosciutto.

(Neva gave the same look of fascination to the prosciutto as the pesto.  Funny)

Dinner tonight?  Bison burgers (on a whole wheat bun with mustard, bbq sauce, a bit of melted sharp cheese and a piece of leftover turkey ‘bacon” from breakfast) with oven “fries”.  And we had a glass of wine.  Cheers to a quiet night at home.

Tomorrow we (meaning Dennis, myself AND the Canon Rebel) will be out and about a bit more than today.  (and more jars will be filled too).  More then.  I hope your weekend is going well!!!