This was the sunrise from our deck this morning.  Photos don’t do justice, the sky was REALLY orange.

Here is this morning’s breakfast….EXACTLY the same as the last couple of days.  (thank goodness for mascots so you know the photos are taken on different days).  This is my multigrain raisin bun with Steph’s grape jelly.  And an Americano that Dennis made.

My morning “snack” was a cup of almond milk with Starbuck’s instant pumpkin spiced coffee mix.

Lunch was another kale salad.  Today’s salad had nutritional yeast, light feta, sun dried tomatoes and grapes.

Later in the afternoon I had a pack of the Dole Live Right “bites”.

We went over to Cousin Helen’s place after work.  Her autumn crocus’ are LOVELY!!!!

When we got home, Dennis had the first of his “Anniversary Beer” that I gave him on Monday, and I had a Pumpkin Ale from Quebec.

Both beers got the “thumbs up”.  ESPECIALLY the Pumpkin Ale.  We’ll be having this again.

Dinner tonight was “stuff” in the fridge and freezer that needed using up.  Turkey sausages, corn on the cob (with lime and nutritional yeast), the other half of the bunch of kale that was used for my lunch and the last of the green beans we harvested from Clint’s garden.

Now, I’m off to “play” with THIS!

My work buddy Allison, who loaned me her dehydrator a while back and got me hooked on kale chips (note to self: make another batch in your own dehydrator) has loaned me another “gadget”.  She and I were discussing things to do with “harvests” and she asked me if I had a food mill.  I don’t, and she said “borrow mine”.  It wasn’t what I was expecting at ALL, I thought she meant something like this (thank you google)

But noooo…it is an actual Tomato Press.  (I had no idea such a thing existed)  It could prove challenging, as all instructions seem to be written in Italian, and the bulk of the words I know in that language are along the lines of “Roma” “gelato” “pizza” and “biscotti”.   My plan is to figure it all out and get it ready to go, and I’ll press ’till I can press no more over the next couple of days.

And true to the title, I AM childish….and found this “cheeky” (HA!) tomato pretty amusing.

Yeah…I went there.  Have a great Friday!!!!!