Ahoy mateys!!!  Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!!!!!

This will be a fairly brief post, as I’ve worn myself out “arrrging” and “shivering me own timbers”  today.  Not really, but it IS late, hence, the brief recap.

Meet my little pirate finger puppet mascot, that accompanied me on my day (and was worn on several people’s fingers)

It was also stolen by Neva for a short time.

Michelle and I got back to our normal Wednesday morning routine, and her famous finger wore the pirate when we were at Starrrrrrrbucks!

I toted breakfast to work with me this morning, it was a multigrain/raisin bun with some of Steph’s grape jelly.

Lunch was some hummus, slider thins, carrots, grapes and a few dried cranberries.  I also took at apple, that is still sitting on my desk.

I got home REALLY late tonight, and Dennis was out so I made myself a tuna melt for dinner. (tuna mixed with light mayo and relish, on “Little Big Bread” (the thin, high fibre bread we use) topped with Weight Watchers cheese that we bought in Bellingham a few weeks ago and broiled to melt the cheese).

That be it for another year.  The little pirate finger puppet will now be put away until NEXT September 19th.  Did you speak like a pirate today??

I’m off to watch the new season of Survivor!  More tomorrow.