Many, many thanks for all of the Happy Anniversary wishes sent to Dennis and I via blog comments and by email.  We really appreciate all of them.

On to year 8…..and a game of hide n’ seek with Neva.  Guess what?  She’s not very good at hiding!

Found you!!!!!

This morning’s breakfast featured one of the jams that my Jam Exchange partner Steph of This Little Monkey sent.  This was the concord grape jelly on a multigrain bun.  Steph, it’s excellent.  Thank you very much!!!!

I had a cup of blueberries and some greek yogurt over the course of the morning.

Lunch was the return of my old favorite, kale salad.  Today’s had nutritional yeast, light feta, sun-dried tomatoes and a fresh peach on top.  (note to self:  play a bit more with the new camera and figure out how to get the lunch AND the mascot in focus!!)

We spent some time with Cousin Helen later this afternoon (Hi Helen!) and had a glass of red wine when we got home.

Dinner tonight was grilled pork chops with bbq sauce, a sliced peach, cauliflower mash and steamed carrots.

Just a heads up….tomorrow, September 19th is the “oh so fun and oh so silly” INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!!  Arggg…..

In preparation, and as a wonderful diversion if you’re reading this at work,  here is the link to the Pirate Name Generator.  Argg…I be “Shark Tooth Nancy”.  What be your pirate name, Matey?????

Disclaimer: I would like to apologize in advance to my co-workers who will endure my arrr’ing and “y’arrr be-ing” tomorrow.  If any of you are reading this, and you call in sick, I’ll know why.  “and curse be upon you scallywags!!  Argg”.