A public serve announcement before today’s post begins:  To the person who has lost their hula hoop, I know where it is.  Please contact me with description to claim.  :)

Today is a BIG day in the weightingfor50 home.  It is Dennis and my 7th anniversary. 

Seven years ago tonight, I vowed to….um….what DID I vow to do???  That part of the day is a bit of a blur….I’m sure it was something along the lines of love and honor in richer or poorer…. :)

The 7th anniversary is the “copper anniversary”.  Dennis and I considered breaking into construction sites, stealing copper pipes and selling it on the street for LOTS of money (HA!  As IF!!) however, our law abiding ways chose instead to share “copper colored” gifts.  The gifts we gave each other are personal (NO! Not Fifty Shades of Grey personal…get your minds out of the gutter!!), but I WILL share part of Dennis’ gift package (because I’m a little proud of my own creativity).  For each year, I gave him a beer (because nothing says “I love you” like beer.  ahem!).  On each beer, I tied a label with a penny glued on that was dated each year we’ve been married.  He was also given 7 rolls of pennies….  I had LOTS of fun coming up with this copper idea.  Fun.

Happy 7th anniversary Dennis.  May we not get itchy but may I get myself a white halter dress, we’ll go to the vent above the Canada Line (our subway) and reenact Marilyn Monroe’s famous 7 year itch pose before we hit our 8th anniversary!!  xo

And in honor of Dennis and I, I introduce to you to some new mascots acquired at a thrift store in Victoria on the weekend.  I am the busty mermaid, Dennis is the sportsman who caught me.  Symbolic..no?  Well, no, but aren’t they tacky and hilarious?

The happy couple posed with my half bagel this morning that was topped with my home made blackberry jam.

My lunch was a ham sandwich with carrots and tomatoes.  The tomatoes were from the roadside stand in Victoria.  These things are like CANDY!!!!!

I had a peach later in the afternoon.

Dennis and I toasted our 7th with a glass of red wine, and a helium balloon. (thank you Dennis)

We picked up a celebratory dinner from our favorite thai food hole in the wall “Thai Away Home”.  We had spring rolls, yellow curry and pad thai.  YUM!!!!

And to wrap up the day?   These are the closest to copper colored cupcakes I could find.

I’ll leave you tonight with two of my favorite pictures taken today on each of our cameras.  First, our beloved 7 year old Canon Powershot captured this Animal car antenna decoration.  Doesn’t it just make you smile and want to say “BAAAAAAAAAA”?  Maybe that’s just me!

And from our Rebel, this is the first photo of Neva I took with the new camera.  AWWW.

Cheers to another 70 years Dennis!!!  And cheers to a great week ahead for us all!!!!!