As many of you know, I LOVE taking photos, and yesterday was a big day (thanks Mom and Dad) as we welcomed a bouncing baby DSLR camera into our family!  (silly…and thank you google for the cartoon below)

I PROMISE that this will stay and healthy living/warrior training/pointified recipe blog, and won’t morph into nothing but my photos….but please indulge me, because today I spent a good portion of time looking through a viewfinder, playing with new features and getting to know our swanky new camera!  And I think I need to share!

This was the first photo I took on the Rebel.  You’ll note my parents have inherited our pirate hats from the Marine Festival some weeks ago.

My breakfast this morning (in very sharp focus, and with my Mom’s William Shakespeare ) of toast with peanut butter and fruit. (and coffee)

My Dad and I went for a long walk on a trail afterward.  Here is my Dad ON the trail.

And here we are doing our shadow shot!

We actually saw celebrities.  Russell Crow….

And Kate Moss.

We saw wildlife……

And wildlife in a backpack!  Funny!

And a whole lotta “fauna”.

And a couple of other trail shots.

After my walk with my Dad, my Mom and I went and ran a couple of errands, one which was our favorite produce store EVER, “The Root Cellar”.  I took a couple of shots of fresh local produce.

Then, it was time for lunch before we had to come home.  We had ham sandwiches with salads and 3/4 each of the mini cupcakes from yesterday.

After lunch, it was time to head off to the ferry.  Booo!  I always hate leaving when I visit my parents.  However, life is here right now….

When we got to the ferry terminal, we had frozen lemonades.

Walked around the terminal looking at the artist’s wares, and photographing feet.

Here are a few photos of the crossing.  We lucked out with the weather.

When we got home, got unpacked and settled, we had a glass of wine and some asiago cheese with some fruit/nut crackers from Trader Joe’s.

We sent out for pizza for dinner tonight.  (My half was grilled veggie) We were both a bit worn out from the weekend and didn’t feel like cooking (thought we’ve loaded up with fresh fruit and veg from the Root Cellar, and will be putting it all to good use over the next few days).

Thanks for indulging me with all these photos.  I promise the pics going forward will be fewer.  (well, I’ll try! :) ) I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend too.  Anyone get up to anything interesting?  If so, let me know!