First, stretch while you look at the birds behind you….and looking upside down is the best way to work your neck muscles.

Do a few push ups to work and define your shoulders….

And finally….relax after playing with a string!

OMG….I’ve become one of those crazy cat ladies!   I think I’d better start a support group!!!

Enough silliness…on to the day’s recap.

Breakfast was eaten at my desk, it was a cup of blueberries and a container of greek yogurt.

I met my friend Sally for lunch today.  Fun as always Sally!!  I had a veggie burger and salad.

I had a peach later in the afternoon.

After work, we went to help our poor friend Tom, who was in a terrible predicament.  Our green thumb friend Clint (who regular readers know) is away, and his room mate Tom can’t keep up with the harvest.  Being the good friends we are, we came to his aid!!!!!  And were very grateful!!

Happy to help Tom!!!  ;)  And a zillion thanks!  Here is our “booty”!  A whole cabbage, tomatoes (that I’ll be making “something in a jar” out of), green beans and some greens.

When we got home, Dennis and I split a beer.  We are wild and crazy party animals!

I baked a pork tenderloin in yet another “concocted from the fridge never to be repeated” sauce.  Tonight’s was made of Bolthouse honey/mustard dressing, balsamic ketchup, apricot jam, red wine and dijon mustard.  I also baked a sweet potato, which we split and I steamed some of Tom’s green beans.  I sliced a peach to eat alongside.

I was flipping through “Katie Brown’s Weekends”, a book that was given to me some time ago.  It’s a fun book, not only does it have recipes, it has interesting crafty projects that can be done in a weekend.  ANYWAY….last night, this caught my eye.  “Brown Sugar baked cantaloupe”.  I had a less than stellar cantaloupe in the crisper, and thought this would be an interesting way to use it up.

It is a sliced melon cooked for 20 minutes in red wine, sugar, cinnamon, allspice, star anise brown sugar sprinkled on top and little “dots” of butter.

The end result?  Voila…(with a little whipped cream leftover from last Saturday’s dinner party)

Hmm…not bad, next time, I’ll up the amount of spices.  It’s good, but is lacking a bit of “vavoom”.  That’s it for today.  I hope your Thursday had some vamoom!!