I started my day with a visit to the now familiar (and extremely tall) podiatrist/surgeon.   Here I am waiting for my examination….check out the fashionable “tan lines” from my sandals.  I have “zebra feet”.

And look at my secret skill, I’m a rhythmic gymnast and can catch a “ball” with my feet.  sigh.  Clearly I had too much time on my hands while I waited for Dr. Big N Tall to come and see me!  Gold medal worthy?  Hmm…probably not so much!

So silly!   What IS gold medal worthy.  The doc’s report on my post surgical recovery.  I’m proud to say I’m apparently “ahead of the curve” when it comes to healing.  YAY ME!!!!!!!  I’m so excited, I’ve been given the green light to do a little more high impact workouts.  Warrior Dash training, here I come!!!  I’ve booked a Fitness Assessment for next week to get a starting point, and a plan of strength training workouts from the people at our new gym.  That’s worthy of a YAY too!!!!

My appointment was very early, so I toted my breakfast to work with me.  I also toted a mascot that Dennis bought for me at a garage sale.  Awww!

Middle of the morning, I had some pineapple chunks.

My lunch may not seem too exciting to those of you with regular access to Trader Joe’s (you lucky so and so’s!  :) ) but I had a couple of my finds from yesterday.  Gazpacho and egg white salad.

Here is the plate I made up at work….8 points for the whole plate.

I had a few figs later in the afternoon.  (acquired at Trader Joe’s for HALF the price they are up here…shhhh….I’m not 100% sure I should have brought them across the border.  There are some restrictions on produce.  I’m choosing to believe figs are “importable”.  That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.)

We had cousin Helen over for dinner tonight.  Did we serve fish?  Or do Dennis and I have unruly and unattractive facial hair?….you guess!

I can’t believe a) we did this and b) I posted these pictures.   We move on….

Here are Helen and Neva.

We started out with rice crackers and light goat cheese with cranberry, and some more of the TJ figs.

I love this little knife.

We toasted getting together with a glass of white wine.

The main course was cold poached salmon.  I made some yogurt dill sauce to eat alongside and forgot to photograph the sauce.  Whoops.

I also needed a reason to use my thrift store “Fitz and Floyd” dish…

We had salad with greens, sun dried tomatoes, slivered almonds, blueberries, Trader Joe’s fat free feta and honey mustard dressing.

Brown rice.  Tastes good, boring photo…..

Helen and I split a multigrain bun.

And we finished off with mini cheesecake bites.

You can see from this photo, that they’re small little bite sized pieces.  I had two.

That’s a wrap for Tuesday.  It’s my bedtime, and I have an early start in the morning.  More tomorrow….