If, heaven forbid, I was struck down tonight, I’d die happy.  Why?  LOOK what my friend Michelle (and her famous finger) brought me back from Milwaukee.  (where she was last week).  OMG, it’s true!!!  A giant, styrofoam cheese head!!!!!

Yes, my excitement is with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but it IS funny isn’t it??  What’s even funnier, we were taking these photos in Starbucks (and were the envy of the morning coffee crowd).  It can be worn flat….

…or perched to the side in a jaunty way (like Ricky Ricardo wore his hat on “I Love Lucy”)

….it can be worn by a husband later in the day….

…..however, Neva drew the line of humiliation and refused to a) wear it or b) sit IN it.

…it even startles small babies.  (this is a colleague’s baby who came by for a visit at work today)

The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!!  So funny!!!  Thank you Michelle!!!  Cheese on my friend, cheese on!!!!

As for the rest of the day….well, I’ve had some sort of bug crawling around my digestive system today.  I don’t feel “ill” per se, but things just aren’t right.  SOOOO, pepto bismol and the “BRAT” diet were my friend.  (Brat being the banana, rice, applesauce, toast combo that is supposedly easy to digest, and helps shoo away the bugs)   So, without further ado, here is the day’s menu.

Toast (with Dennis’ Utane, white flour bread)….

Bananas (that are frankly, a little riper than I like them, but oh well)

….and plain white rice.

(I actually went to a work lunch again today, and we went for sushi, but I picked at the white rice there too….wasn’t even worth photographing…)

I passed on the apple sauce.  I may have some in a while.  So that is a wrap of my Wednesday.  I’m off to watch the Olympics and wear my cheese head again.  KIDDING!!!!  Anyone have any hilarious headwear they’d like to tell me about?  Or better yet, send me a picture???   If you dare, I’ll publish!!!  Happy Hump day everyone!!!!!