WOW…while I’m typing this post, there is some serious BANGING thunder outside.   We need the rain that is accompanying it though, after the heat and humidity of the last few days, the air needed clearing.  (thank you Google images…this gif is fantastic!)

But enough weather talk…..

My “warrior dash training” started unintentionally today.  The elevators in our building weren’t working, so I walked up and down 7 flights of stairs twice before.   OK…it’s HARDLY warrior training, but still, I’d like to think I earned an activity point.

My breakfast was packed and toted with me to work, I had a kale scone (that I made some weeks ago and are being kept in our freezer), an oz of sharp cheese and some fruit.

Lunch was kale salad.  I hadn’t had kale in DAYS.  That could explain my nervous twitching in my eye.  (kidding of course, but my eye was twitching like crazy for HOURS today.  Isn’t than annoying when that happens???)

I spent a little too much time trying to balance Legs Up Bear on my orange…with no success – hence, my fingers in this photo.

I had a glass of green juice (actually, not very green, green juice) and a few of these baked snacks when I got home.

Dinner was a melange (good word that doesn’t get used enough!  :) ) of leftovers.  We used some soft tacos leftover from the throwdown, leftover chicken from the freezer mixed with leftover salsa, leftover iceberg lettuce and leftover taco sauce with a bit of fruit salsa, and voila….soft chicken tacos.

Not a very eventful day, but an ok day (for a Tuesday that felt like a Monday).  I’ll probably have a LITTLE more things of interest tomorrow.  Hope you come back and visit then!!! :)