Breakfast this morning was 1/2 cup greek yogurt with berries and an iced coffee with almond milk.

My friend Sharon and I ventured up to Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver to check out the WARRIOR DASH!  (the race with obstacles)

We wanted to see what it was all about and decide if we are interested in training to participate next year.  Even though spectators could only see 2-3 obstacles, they didn’t look as daunting as I was expecting.  YAY!!! It looks FUN!!!!  We’re in!  We have a year to get our warrior on!!!!!!  I’m excited!!!!  ROAR!!!!!

Here are just a few of the pics I took.  We had our own “warrior uphill walk” to get there because the parking was a good 15 minutes downhill from the race site.  I earned an activity point AND started the training.  Not really….

Here is a lovely photo of Sharon and I.

View from the top….

Various shots around the race site.  As you can see, it looks tough, but there were LOTS of costumes, much silliness and it was a fun atmosphere.

Superman and Waldo….

I asked permission to take this photo.  “Do you mind if I take a photo of your back side?”

And just a few other shots….

We have our work cut out for us Sharon, but next year, one of these medals will be around our neck!!!!!  FUN!!!

Saw this in the back of a car on the way back down to the parking lot.

After the dash, we grabbed a quick lunch and did a walk around Lonsdale Quay, a public market in North Vancouver.  A few random pics….

And my lunch….salad from the salad bar at the market.

In keeping with the Warrior theme of the day, Dennis and I then ventured out to take more terra cotta warrior photos.  We did 5 more today, leaving us only 6 more of the 31 to go.  Fun!!!

We also found a horse and some interesting public art.

We were out by the Richmond Night Market so decided to stop by.  It is apparently the largest Night Market in North America, and compared to the one we went to in Chinatown last week, it was MASSIVE!!!!  Same idea as the smaller market, lots of trinket and food vendors, buskers and performers.  Here are a few photos of the wares being sold and displayed….



I’m not sure if I’d like my knickers saying “Center of Fury”….

And no price for the UNhappy dog…

These koi were huge and were swimming in a BIG “wishing pond”….

Speaking of wishes, there was a glowing “wishing forest” with wishing trees.  It was really pretty, and some of the wishes that had been clipped on there made me smile and awwwww….

Finally, we had some dinner.  And we wanted it to be authentic night market “street food”  So, we had some spicy squid (I think I can hear a few ewwww’s….but it’s REALLY tasty!)

And Asian spiced beef skewer….

And we split a steamed pork bun….

That’s it for “Warrior Saturday”.  It’s past my bedtime, so stick a fork in me, I’m DONE!!!  More tomorrow….