That title should get some interesting google searches.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!   The long weekend in here!!!!!  Is it a long weekend in your neck of the woods?

Today, Dennis and I tapped into our inner murderers, and took matters on our deck into our own hands.  We’ve been having some wasp issues when we sit on our deck.  My Dad suggested we hang a wasp trap, so today, I went to Home Depot, bought one, filled the bottom with mango juice (that is all we had in the cupboard) and cat food (it was that or raw meat) and hung it on the deck.

Within 5 minutes…..

…and after about 15 minutes, the body count was 3, and growing.

Is it bad that I’m gleeful at seeing the black and yellow corpses????

Where there is death, there is life….and here are a couple of the life-filled, colorful blooms that are also on the deck.

So that’s my murderous confession.  I’ll now rewind the tape (showing my age with that statement, who rewinds tapes any more?????) and give you a quick lowdown of the day’s menu.

Breakfast was an almond milk, banana, blueberry, hemp protein smoothie….

….and an almond milk iced coffee.

During the morning, I had some strawberries and blueberries.

Lunch was a sandwich thin with mustard, turkey a slice of light swiss and some lettuce with carrots and cherry tomatoes on the side.

I had a peach and 1 oz sharp cheese in the afternoon.

We had a beer when we got home.  Originally, I had the Powder Mountain Ale….

…..Dennis had the “Bear Paw Honey Lager” (they were in a sampler pack with the Grapefruit Ale I had the other day).  I wasn’t a fan of the Powder Mountain, so Dennis and I switched and I had the Bear Paw instead.

We decided to treat ourselves to Chinese food for dinner.  We had a combo dinner that had 1 spring roll each, chow mein, sweet and sour pork and ginger beef.  Not point friendly…but oh well.  The rest of the day was fine.

I also had a small glass of “Q-Tonic”.  We found it on an introductory special at our little corner store where we buy our coffee, fruit and veg.  It’s got half the calories of standard tonics, and is sweetened with agave rather than sugar.  (the bottle has 45 calories)

I didn’t eat my fortune cookie, but will share my fortune with you.

“Tuesdays and Thursdays stack odds in your favour”.  OOOH…. :)

What’s on your weekend agenda???  Like Neva, we’ll just be hanging around!

Neva doesn’t look over her shoulder, she looks upside down and back.  We wonder if she has a double jointed neck.  Funny!!!!   Whatever you end up doing this weekend, and however you choose to look at it…enjoy!!!