On yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I was going to fill some jars with some raspberry based preserves.  And fill I did.

Look what happened as soon as I’d taken some jars out of a box.  NEVA!!!!  The box is not a bobsled!!  :)

I made two batches of “goods”.  The first was raspberry jam.  I tweaked the recipe slightly by cutting down the sugar, and switching lime juice for lemon juice.  I also added some lime zest.

The second batch was onion/jalapeno/raspberry chutney with raisins, balsamic and spices.  I’m going to let it “cure” for a week or so to let the flavours meld, but even now, it’s tasty and will be excellent with grilled meat or goat cheese.

Then, I’m not sure what came over me….I tapped into my “inner Martha” and instead of just using the stick on labels I’ve always used in the past, I measured the jam tops, “drew” some circles on a page, added some text and some effects, printed them and stuck them on the discs when they were cooled.

I kinda like the new labels.  I can see myself creating some interesting or whimsical ones as the harvest of the year is preserved.  OOOH….the ideas are already whirling in my head.

This is just the beginning of the year’s harvest.  Canning, jamming and preserving are some of my favorite things to do.  If any of you are jammers/canners too, and want to join in Steph’s 4th annual jam exchange…click here and you’ll be taken to steph chows.  I had an exchange with a fellow Canadian last year, and it was great fun!!!  I’ve signed up again this year and look forward to meeting my new “jam partner” later this summer.  Steph, thanks so much for hosting again!!!!


That is looking forward, but looking back to the day, here is a recap of my point friendly day, and not quite as point friendly evening.

Breakfast this morning was a mini bagel with weight watchers cream cheese.

I made some green juice last night (what got into me????  2 batches of jars, labels and juice…no wonder I was tired when the alarm went off this morning! :) ).  I juiced apples, lime, ginger, spinach and an orange that I had used for zest in the chutney.  Looked pretty “normal”, but then I realized I had a few blueberries that were a bit tart for my liking, so I threw them in the juicer too.  The blueberries turned my “green juice” into my “very unattractive albeit quite delicious brown juice”.   So unattractive, it warranted a visit from the famous UGLY TROLL!!!!  It may be icky looking, but EVERYTHING looks better when it’s beside Ugly Troll.  Funny!!!

I haven’t had to pull out Ugly Troll for quite some time.  I guess that’s good news ’cause it means that our meals haven’t been that ugly!! :)

During the morning, I had some raspberries.

Lunch was a ham and light swiss sandwich thin, and a few cherries.

I had a few kale chips this afternoon.

On my walk home, I cut through a park with a big fountain/water feature.  I’ve bumped into this dog and his owner MANY times.  But today, the dog was in the fountain/water feature, and was on a mission.  I stopped and chatted to the owner, and it seems this dog, Ozzie, has a “favorite rock” in the fountain, and will walk through for as long as it takes to find it.  Apparently when he finds it, he grabs it, plays with it for a while, then puts it back – and next time he’s there, they go through the whole exercise again.  So cute!!!!  I look forward to seeing Ozzie again soon. (he looked so happy with himself.  AWWW)

When I got home from work, I had about 1/4 of Dennis’ beer and a few pretzel nuggets.

And dinner tonight?  We were invited over to our friends Alex and Carmen’s place for a “spontaneous bbq get together”.   I went with jars for all!! :)

Here are our hosts Alex and Carmen and our good friend Janice (who regular readers meet on a regular basis)

Janice and her husband Alan.

Alex and Carmen’s friend Steve who is visiting from Austin, Texas (Hi Miz!) joined us.

Steve has THE swankiest shoes I’ve seen in a long, long time!!  Isn’t that teal color fantastic???

Look under Steve’s shoes, and you’ll see a beautiful mosaic path that Alex and Carmen have made.  Here are a couple of features….

….and features of the future.

Alex is building a deck/garden on top of his garage.  It is it it’s very early stages, complete with a big container garden filled with veggies/herbs and some grape vines.  Dennis and Alan went up to view.

I’m REALLY scared of heights, and right now the only way to the new area is by ladder.  But the need to view the garden containers over rode the need to stay off the ladder….so up I went.  It wasn’t actually that scary!  Here is my view from above.  Hi Carmen and Janice.

We all had a stint in the UBER UBER comfortable hammocks.  One was a “lie down” the other was a “sit in”.  I could have slept in here….its THAT comfortable.


….me (and my many mosquito bites :) )……

Janice and Alan…..

It was all so relaxing, until you have to get OUT of the hammock.

I had a skirt on, it wasn’t pretty!  It’s a very good thing I was behind the camera, not in front.

Here are just a couple of Alex’s many gorgeous flowers….

The glass of Chilean Rose wine I had….

….corn, potatoes and massaged kale salad.  (yes, the kale salad was my contribution to the dinner)

And my plate that also had bbq short ribs and a small piece of chicken.

The lights dimmed…..

then we had dessert, fruit, ice cream and a small piece of cake that was to celebrate Steve’s birthday last weekend.

Sometimes the best get togethers are the one’s that happen at the last-minute.  Thanks Alex and Carmen!!!!