That is a GROANER of a title.  You’ll see why in a bit.

Happy Sunday everyone.  I “heart” weekends!  (don’t gag, this “heart” photo was taken at the wedding reception yesterday and is Dennis and I being “romantic”.  HA!)

That was yesterday, today, we slept in a bit, and once up had some green juice and scrambled eggs and toast.

When we went to the wedding yesterday, we left extra early to stop at a berry farm and buy some berries.  Sadly, we were caught in NASTY NASTY (worth repeating the word nasty…it certainly was) traffic that delayed us.  In hindsight, it really was good that we left early, if we hadn’t, we may have missed the ceremony.

So, we ventured out to the berry farm today instead.  (I have some serious jamming to do!! :) ) The berry farm is, as Dennis says, one of my “happy places”.  Every year when we go, there are new things to look at.  Over the years, it has evolved from a U-pick berry farm to a full-on “destination”.  FUN!!!!

Fortunately, we just planned on buying berries, not u-picking, because the sun that was here yesterday, was hiding behind rain, clouds and loud thunder today.

The new “feature” this year?   A western themed fruit winery that will be opening next month.  We’ll be back when it opens.  In the meantime, here are the winery “greeters”.

Today, we did something at the farm we hadn’t done in previous years.  We took the horse-drawn carriage ride around the farm.  Yes, we are nothing but big kids at heart.

Horse driver Claire,

…horses Lucy and Lily….awww…they’re 14 years old, and are “half siblings”, they have the same father but different mothers.

Here are a few shots of our “tour”.  (it was goofy, but fun!)

They have new U-pick baskets this year Suz!!!!!  We have to go again and maybe pick the blueberries when they’re ready.  Not for the berries, I want a basket!  Kidding.  Sort of….

Here are some shots of the new, still establishing western themed “u-pick” flower area.

Jaunty fruit lights!!!  (too bad it wasn’t dark so we could see them illuminated)

A lego sculpture in progress…..they’re making a GIANT slice of berry pie.

Chicken art on the side of the market….

An antique vehicle that is parked beside the market…

Little did we realize that when we walked BESIDE the vehicle, motion activated chickens in the vehicle “spoke” to us and welcomed us to the market.  “WHY HELLOOO!!!  WELCOME!!! HOW’S IT GOING PARTNER????” Cheesy, but hilarious!!!

My daily attempt at an art shot.  I call this one “chickens in the rear view mirror”.

Love the signs in the market….

AMAZING pies.  Only two left and it was well before closing….

What did we buy???  A flat of raspberries for jamming a few tayberries and blueberries that I forgot to photograph, and our “once a year treat” fruit shortcakes.  (good thing I could transfer my cupcake points that I didn’t use yesterday to “shortcake points” today.

The shortcakes were warm, so we split the raspberry one on the spot.  It was FULL of fruit, and was absolutely 100% worth EVERY point.

Delicious, but VERY messy ’cause it was so fresh out of the oven.

As a result of the mess, Dennis and I paid little visits to the “Chuck Berry” and “Marion Berry” rooms to clean up.   So funny!!!!

On the way back from the “berry rooms” we stopped by the petting zoo.  Little known fact about my husband, he is a “goat whisperer”.  Goats FLOCK to him, he loves them and it is hilarious.  I am saying that with tongue in cheek, but seriously, they LOVE him.  I think he should add that skill to his resume and figure out how to parlay it into a revenue making venture!!!!  :) As soon as Dennis was by the fence, they came running.  This is his hand….

As I said, he loves them too.  Look how happy he is.  Awww…..

This one is the mom of some of the babies…..

And the babies.  Here they are.  OMG, I could watch kids play for HOURS.  The actual “petting zoo” was closed so we couldn’t get in and play with them ourselves, but they were SOOOOOOO cute. I want one.  Sorry Neva!!!!

Two way headbutt….

….three way headbutt.  (this didn’t end well, the one in the middle fell off the slide. :) )

Sadly, it was time to head back after the goat observation.  On the way back, we saw four planes flying in unison.  fun!

When we got home, we had some salsa and sweet potato chips.  I had a glass of wine, Dennis had a beer.  He is not only the goat whisperer, he’s the beer whisperer too.  Kidding…

Dinner tonight was a very “non-Roz” meal.  For WEEKS, I’ve been craving a hot dog. I’m not a huge fan of processed meats/meals, but finally, it got too much, so I made hot dogs on whole wheat buns for dinner, with coleslaw and 1/2 cob of corn.

Not a “glamorous” dinner, but sometimes, food like this just hits the spot.

I’m staggered that the weekend is over.  It’s flown by for me and we’ve had a nice time.  I hope all of YOU had a good weekend too.  Let me know, whatcha get up to???  :)