Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!  Hopefully your day was filled with nothing but GOOD luck!

Someone told me this afternoon that today is “National Embrace your Geekness” Day.  How funny!!!  I’m proudly a bit of geek myself, so I embraced the day fully – I think being called a geek is a compliment. Thank you google images for all the geeky graphics below!!!

I looked up the meaning and origin of the actual word (yes, I’m a word geek) and found there are several kinds of “geeks”.

The most common of course is the computer geek, who are deeply interested in all types and workings of technology, computing and new media.

Another defined a geek as “a person with a devotion to something in a way that places him or her outside the mainstream. This could be due to the intensity, depth, or subject of their interest.” (thank you urban dictionary)  So what is my devotion to?  KALE!  :)  I am today (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) the “self-appointed kale geek extraordinaire”.  Need more proof, remember I created this in April?

I wear my crown proudly!!!!!!!  :) :)

Speaking of kale (and, much to the amusement of many of my friends, do many days pass that I DON’T speak of kale??), I mentioned yesterday that our friend Clint shared some early season kale harvest with me last night.  Have to share, the hearty yet tender leaf on the left – from Clint’s garden.  The leaf on the right – Mine (aka: “Mini Me Kale”).

Maybe if I wave leaves of Clint’s kale at mine, it’ll take the hint and grow HUGE!!!  Here’s hoping!!

Ok, enough silliness, I’ll get on to the day’s point friendly menu, then share a few photos and a bit of news at the end of the post.

Breakfast this morning was two pieces of thin, high fibre toast with 1 tbsp almond butter and a banana, with the last of this batch of green juice on the side.

(had I been thinking this morning, I’d have used a black cat mascot for Friday the 13th instead of Mr. “Hello Hedgehog”.  Oh well, next time.)

During the morning, I had a few cherries.

Lunch was, no surprise here, kale salad.  I must say, Clint’s kale is SO flavourful and fresh.  Thank you Clint.  I massaged the kale with olive oil and rice vinegar, and topped it with nutritional yeast, a nectarine, light feta and some salad tortilla strips that are only 1 point per tbsp.

I also had a few strawberries and a kiwi leftover from last night’s sangria.  (hmm..I should rephrase that, leftover after being PURCHASED for the sangria, but not used.  This fruit is NOT soaked in wine. :) It does have a little fresh mint on top, which was very good.)

Starbucks was giving away free “Refreshers” for a few hours today.   I was out and about and saw the fuss, and how quickly things were moving, so thought “why not”?  They have 35-40 calories, and at that time, I needed some refreshment.  I asked for the lime/mint version.  They wrote my name on the cup, and a few minutes later, the berry hibiscus version was handed to me.  As soon as the barrista gave it to me, she realized her mistake, told me to keep it, and proceeded to hand me the lime version as well.  Lucky me! I got to try both flavours, had one then, and saved the other for later in the afternoon.  Surprisingly to me, the berry hibiscus was my favorite.

Later in the afternoon, I snacked on some cucumber, celery and carrots and had a few almonds.

After work, Dennis and I ran a couple of errands, one which was signing up at our new gym.  VERY exciting, and what is MORE exciting, I got a SMOKIN’ deal on the monthly fee.  It was even less than I realized because of a corporate partnership the gym has with my workplace.  Who knew?  I didn’t……  I’ve been spoiled for the last couple of years, as I’ve been able to walk to my gym, but the new one is cheaper, newer, better for my schedule and is also on transit, so if we decide not to drive, we can easily hop the train and be there in no time.  YAY!

While we were downtown, I of course, took a few photos. Here are a couple of reflection shots from the car. To clarify, I was in the passenger seat not the driver seat.  :)

Our gym isn’t far from this harbour, so you may see similar shots off and on.

The gym also offers bikes that we can rent by the hour to drive around the seawall and harbour.  (understandably, bike rentals aren’t included in our monthly fee, but the hourly rate is VERY low)

This shadow shot cracks me up.  The way my skirt is in the shadow makes it look like I belong on a homestead in the 1800’s. All that is missing is the sun bonnet!

We also walked by the Olympic torch.   I’ve never actually been this CLOSE to the structure itself and thought it was made of metal, not glass.  I did see it while it was lit during the Olympics, but from a bit of a distance – now, it is only flaming during special holidays and for days of significance.  Apparently “National Embrace your Geekness Day” was not significant enough.

And finally, here is the “lego whale” (it’s not actually called that, but you see why I thought along those lines)…..

…that looks less and less whale-like the closer you get to it.

After our walk, we came home and split a beer….

…and had leftover bbq chicken, corn and salad from last night.

It feels like this post has taken FOREVER tonight.  For no apparently reason, I’m easily distracted and have the attention span of a gnat tonight.  Oh well.  Heads up, tomorrow’s post will likely not be published until Sunday morning.  We have an event tomorrow that is a good 90 minutes drive from home, so chances are, it’ll be a VERY late night (or early morning).  If I don’t post, I will do a recap on Sunday morning, I’m sure many photos will be taken!!!  Have a great weekend!!!!