Michelle, my Wednesday hand model is away this week, and I can’t lie, I COMPLETELY forgot to ask someone for a “guest hand”.  So for the longest time….I have no Wednesday hand shots.  Well, not actual photos I took myself, but for the sake of consistency, here is a google image “guest hand”.

There, all is now well in my Wednesday world, and we move on to the day!

Breakfast this morning was a greek yogurt parfait with my strawberry/rhubarb sauce, some fresh raspberries and 1 tbsp granola.

I also had a glass of my green juice. (same apple/pineapple/spinach/ginger batch)

My morning snack was rye crackers, light flavoured Laughing Cow (from Bellingham, we can’t buy that here in Canada) and a plum.

I met my friend Sharon for sushi at lunch.  This is not Sharon, but is a reasonable facsimile.  Kidding, Sharon is much prettier (and she moves more) but this lady is part of the sandwich board in front of a Noodle House very close to the sushi restaurant, and is very eye-catching.

I had a California Roll, a Spicy tuna roll and a vegetable/mango roll.  I LOVE the “yard long” plates that the restaurant uses for presentation.

I wonder if its bad luck to get splintered chopsticks.  Or maybe it’s good luck.  I’ll go with the latter.

After work, I had a long overdue haircut.  I am no longer the Shaggy Dog, or the Shaggy D.A.  (am I dating myself by remembering the Shaggy D.A??)  ANYWAY…..My sassy hair and I walked home from the hairdressers after my appointment.  It was a long way, but it was a lovely evening and I just took my time, walked carefully and voila…home with only a wee backache.  Things foot wise are really looking up!!!  YAY!!!

I’ll share a few photos I took on my route home.  I LOVED the look of this wall art, the photo probably doesn’t do her justice.

When I eat beef, it is my hope that it is, in fact, “Beefy Beef”.  I’ll pass on the Salty Peppery Chicken though. Joking aside, I’ve heard this Noodle place is excellent.

When this store is open, I’m going back to check it out.  I LOVE vintage jewellery and there was TONS in the window.  OOOH….

AWWWW!!!!!  Waiting so patiently for their people.

If I ever “graduate” to larger “mascots”, I want this.  No home is complete without “Magician Chicken” sawing a dog in a box in half.  “Presto!  It’s magic!!”

I won’t bore you with MANY flower shots, but I fell in love with the color of this rose (and WOW..it was fragrant).  The little fly liked it too.

This made me smile!

More flowers.  I promise, that’s if for flowers for today.  But aren’t the colors of these pretty??

I LOVE this little “tree house”.  I should zip back there with a mascot or two and have them stand outside by the red door.  (or not)

And I passed a teddy bear enjoying the evening sun.

And then there were garden ornaments.  One with a paw up….

….one that looks like it could be in an old European Cathedral…..

…one with water buckets…..

…and one with a pulse and “catitude”.

When I eventually got home, I just had a dinner of leftovers, a few meatballs from last night, a Trader Joe’s flatbread and some hummus.

I also made some banana soft serve with frozen blueberries and strawberries.

Not a bad day of photos…they could only have been enhanced with a hand or two in the shots, but oh well, hands will be back next Wednesday!