…NOT!  Much like yesterday, today was fairly uneventful.  Let’s see….our apartment building is getting power washed today and tomorrow (I KNOW….can you sleep tonight knowing that???)

The scale at weight watchers didn’t budge.  Same as last “step on” to the ounce.  Instead of a sideways arrow to signify that, I chose balanced scales.  They didn’t go up, or down…they just stayed there.  (being a libra, maybe I was drawn to this funky graphic of the scales)

The pricey garage sale dragon posed with my breakfast this morning, it was a mini bagel, some fat free cream cheese and a glass of my green juice.

I made the juice last night, it is apple, spinach, ginger and oooooh….some pineapple that was leftover from a few days ago.  I KNOW!!!  Will you be able to sleep tonight knowing THAT too??????   :)

Lunch was ham, light cheese and spinach on a sandwich thin, with cucumber slices.

During the afternoon, I snacked on some of my kale chips.

And dinner tonight was some mini meatballs that we had in the freezer (cooked in some blue menu plum sauce mixed with some bbq sauce), on a bed of quinoa with peppers, beans and parsley and topped with the last of the Trader Joe’s fat-free feta.

I’ll do my VERY best to bring you at least some interesting photos and hopefully some adventures tomorrow.  If not, I’ll just make something up!  :) Stay tuned…..