Very speedy mid-week post.  Its been a bit of a long day, I was up early and got home later, so here is the quick lowdown.  I PROMISE a more interesting (and exciting for me) post tomorrow.

But before I recap the day, I’ll bore you with ONE MORE sunrise shot off our deck.  This was this morning – and it was beautiful.

Michelle and I met per usual for coffee before work.  As you can see, she was VERY generous and showed her WHOLE hand, not just the usual finger.  (I will share, prior to this photo she DID show me her finger….twice  :) )  This photo almost looks like it should be on CSI.  Thankfully, it’s not and the person at the end of the arm is alive, well, and my good friend.

I took my breakfast to work with me.  It was one of my famous yogurt, fruit and granola bento box.

Lunch was a small kale salad (I used seasoned rice vinegar in the dressing today instead of my usual apple cider vinegar.  Yum) topped with nutritional yeast, grapes and 1 oz light feta.  I also made a little chicken salad with the last of last night’s chicken, some salsa, fresh parsley and greek yogurt.

During the afternoon, I had a few kale chips and a Camino Quinoa and Rice Crisp bar.  I got the bars in our swag bag at the Food Show a few weeks ago.  It’s very like a Crunch bar, and very good.  Well worth the 4 points that it is and I’ll buy them if/when the chocolate cravings hit.

As I mentioned, I was home a bit later than usual, so picked up some sushi for dinner.  We have a new sushi restaurant in our neighborhood so I thought I’d give it a try. I had the rolls with brown rice, and had an “alive roll” (veggies wrapped in soy paper and a California roll.  Good.  Not the BEST sushi ever, but for the price, it was good and I’d go there again.

I also had a 67 calorie beer alongside.

I was also in the mood for something cold and sweet so whipped up a cup of banana blueberry soft serve. (I specifically bought a big bunch of bananas to keep in the freezer ’cause its definitely soft serve season!)

I have only photographed the soft serve, so now I’m going to publish this, eat that, and play with this!

With Dennis away, and me out and about today, poor Neva has been on her own for longer than she’s used to, so I think some play and a few treats are in order!!!!  I’ll be back tomorrow….