Have to share this ADORABLE mascot I found in a thrift store earlier this week. It’s Dennis and I right after foot surgery.  I’m the bear on the left with the crutches and bad foot, Dennis is giving me the support and care.  AWWW. (please feel free to gag if you need to….I’ll understand!)

It’s been a busy but good Saturday.  Before our day started, I had an almond milk latte.

Breakfast was some greek yogurt, fresh figs and a piece of toast with home made strawberry jam.

I was out and about running all kinds of errands today.  On the way, I stumbled on this statue of a Mountie that pays tribute to fallen RCMP officers. Cool….this isn’t far from home and I’d never seen it before.

However, I can’t lie….I didn’t actually stop to SEE the mountie….I stopped to go to the garage sale marked in the photo below.  Busted…

All I bought at the garage sale?  A new mascot and a book.   No biggie…..

When I eventually got home, I had a kale scone (that I made a couple of weeks ago and froze), some low-fat cheese and a hard boiled egg.

We had our friends Cori and Jim over for dinner tonight.  We started out with some portion controlled phyllo appies (with veggies and cheese inside – Thank you President’s Choice!!)

I had about 3 glasses of wine over the course of the night.  Thank you weekly points allowance!  :)

Here is the gang…

Dinner?  It was bbq chicken with a salad (greens with blueberries, goat cheese and sunflower seeds with balsamic dressing), a raw apple and turnip slaw, and some steamed green beans.

And dessert?  My standby – from one of my favorite weight watchers recipe sites Skinnytaste.com, Gina’s No Bake cheesecake made into mousse.  (I added a layer of crushed weight watchers ginger cookies to it today, and some blackberries on top)

It was a good Saturday.  But now, we countdown to a special day tomorrow. What is special?  Well, it’s not MY birthday….it’s not NEVA’s birthday.  You do the math!!!  Full report and birthday hoo hah to follow!!!