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Woo Hoo….internet is working again!   It is sad how “disconnected” we feel when we’re disconnected.  (wow….that was profound!!)

Quick report from yesterday.  I went to weight watchers last night, this week’s arrow is pointing……

Moving animated cartoon smiling eyes with finger pointing down

Is it just me, or is that finger and the saucy look of the eyes just a LITTLE pervy???  Yeah, I know, it’s just me!!! :)

Also want to share a couple of cute pictures from yesterday.  Look at this little dog that was hanging out of an apartment window.  So cute!!!

And if I was a “thieving” type of woman, I’d pry this off the bike and use it as a weightingfor50 mascot.  I don’t have a dirty, manic squirrel in the box o’ mascots at the moment!  :)  Thankfully, I’m so NOT a thieving woman, so the squirrel stays put!! :)

Anyway…..that was yesterday, here is today.

I met Michelle for our usual Wednesday coffee this morning.  The sun was actually shining, and her other hand was needed to shadow her finger for the photo.  Yay Sunshine!!!

I toted my breakfast to work in my little bento box.  I’m a geek, so I got pretty excited by this creation.  One compartment had 1/2 cup greek yogurt, I had blueberries and mango in another couple, and a dollop of my home-made rhubarb strawberry sauce to mix in.  I had a couple of Tbsp granola in the middle, and voila, bento breakfast!!!!

I was full until lunchtime.

Speaking of lunch, my lunches these days are BORINGLY PREDICTABLE, but delicious to me all the same.  What a surprise, I had a kale salad.  I KNOW!!!!  Isn’t that shocking?????  NOT…..  This is where the mascots come in handy, you can see that this kale salad is different from any other day…thank you Dalmatian in a chef’s hat!!!

I did however, shake things up a bit by adding the last of the leftover grilled veggies from the last couple of days.  OOOH…livin’ on the edge!!!  :)

I had snacks off and on through the afternoon…..a few carrots, the last of this batch of kale chips, and a package of the Dole Live Right cookie type thingies.

I had a fantastic dinner with my friend Caroline tonight.  We went to a sushi restaurant, ordered a few things and shared.  Edamame, a scallop roll, a tuna roll, an order of tuna sashimi and two “fancy” rolls.  One had crab and various vegetables, the other had mango and salmon.  SOOOO good.  GREAT to see you Caroline, we’ll do it again soon!!!!!

The neighborhood we were in is getting all geared up for “Greek Days” this weekend.  I’m not sure if we’ll have time to go, but we’ll try.  Looks like fun, and as of right now, there are LINES of Canadian and Greek flags lining several blocks.  OPA!!

It’s really good to be back online.  Hope everyone’s mid-week is going well. And happy first day of summer!!!!!!!



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