…to my Dad, Martin (then and now)…..

…and all the Dads out there!

And, Happy Daddy’s Day to Dennis from Neva!

(that’s as close to being a Daddy as he’ll get….and yes, I HAVE become one of those people whose cats send greetings and acknowledge holidays.  OMG!)

We had a great and relaxing weekend over with my Mom and Dad.  As you can tell by the happy, relaxed look on Dennis’ face.

I “popped” out this morning to run a couple of errands, and found these poppies through a fence.  Very pretty, and REALLY bad joke.  I apologize for that….

One of my stops was, as Dennis calls it, “one of your Victoria happy places” – The Root Cellar.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, and I KNOW it’s just a produce market, but it’s fantastic, affordable, the owners promote and support local initiatives and there is ALWAYS something fun to look at.

One of their marketing slogans?  “Dirt Cheap”

One of the “dirt cheap” specials this week???  BIG bunches of local kale for $0.99.  I bought 4 (stop laughing!), three of which are drying in Helen’s dehydrator “as we speak”, the other will likely be lunch tomorrow.

Look at the size of this GIANT oyster mushrooms.  It’s ALL one ‘shroom’ and I put my finger in for perspective.

And no visit to the root cellar is complete without photographing one of the pieces of antique farm equipment.

After the errands, the Father’s Day celebration began!!!  Happy Father’s Day Dad!!!!!

And Happy Father’s Day, Mom!

Presents were opened, and the “big guns of assistance” were called in to help!!!  Funny!!!

Then, we made Dad a special brunch.  His favorite eggs Benedict, hash browns and fruit.

Here is my plate.

The brunch ended with a lemon tart.

I had a tiny piece.  I was going to borrow this HILARIOUS banjo playing frog from my Dad for today’s mascot….and my Dad said he was going to give it to the thrift store, so I’ve “rescued” it and banjo frog now lives in the big box with all the other weightingfor50 mascots.  Thanks Dad!!!

Sadly after brunch, we had to get back on the ferry and come home.  Wah…I hate goodbyes!!

The ferry terminal had a few vendors today, all braving gale force winds to sell their wares.

Love the way the sunlight was shining through the stained glass tabletop.

And a whale….just because.

The crossing was REALLY windy, but VERY pretty.  Here are a few photos.

When we drove off the ferry and headed home, look at the HUGE heron we saw.  COOL!!!!

When we got home we had some vegetable antipasto and a glass of white wine.

And dinner tonight?  “Picky dinner” that we picked at for a while…it was devilled eggs (made with fat-free sour cream instead of mayo, and some President’s Choice zucchini relish), turkey sausages (from Fairway in Victoria), a salad (with blueberries, slivered almonds and light feta with fat-free balsamic) and some low-fat cheese with a couple of pieces of light rye bread.

I have officially exceeded my daily points and my weekly points are depleted.  Not by a ton, but enough.  HOPEFULLY it doesn’t mean my “weight arrow” goes up on Tuesday, but if it does, so be it, and I’ll move on.  It’s all been worth it to spoil my Dad and spend time with people I care about the most.  I’ll say it again, Happy Father’s Day to all Dads, and Happy week ahead to EVERYONE!!!!