What a silly title!  But that’s beside the point……

I’ve made a decision.  In my attempt NOT to get caught up on the numbers on the scale, and because I refuse to let a number moving up or down define me, dictate my mood and allow me to feel “good or bad” about myself – I am not going to post the actual numbers that I gain or lose each Tuesday when I go to weight watchers.  I like the weight watchers program, I believe in it and the healthy habits it has taught me, I still have some weight to lose so I have no intentions of stopping, but I also don’t want to focus on a single number each week.

Instead, I’m going to find a fun and creative way each week to let you know if the number moved up or down.  Today it went down and I found the buff downward pointing arrow to show you!!  I know this wouldn’t work for many, the numbers are important and I fully respect that.  But for me, a simple “up, down or no change” is all I need.

I’m also THINKING of shaking up my blog a bit.  I love sharing my healthy meals, fun mascots, recipes and my day to day life with all of you.  Blogging has become a very important part of my life, and I have no intention of stopping that either.  But over the next few months, you MAY see some slight shifts.  I’m toying with a few ideas, so stay tuned….

For today though, here is the menu that helped the scale point downward.  I had coffee, a bagel thin with light butter and peach jam for breakfast.

I took some strawberries and an orange for snacks.

Lunch was a fold-it sandwich that I constructed at work.  It had hummus, spinach and tomato.  I also gave it a squeeze of balsamic reduction that I have on my desk.  (some people keep staplers and pens on their desk, I keep hot sauces and balsamic.  Some days I think I should work for a food company….it really is where my interests lie.  Maybe one day….)

During the afternoon I had a pack (4 points) of these new Dole Live Right “nuggets”.  I posed them with my recently acquired “naughty librarian” reading glasses that have become a bit of a necessity for close work.   “I’m afraid your books are overdue Mr. Clooney….”.

Dennis and I both did an oops, and didn’t take anything out of the freezer.  While I was at “step on” Dennis sent out for pizza as a treat.  My half had my standard grilled veggies with a bit of cheese.

 Wordpress is acting up a bit, so better publish before I lose this profound (HA!) post.  More tomorrow….stupid wordpress!!!!!